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Things To Do

I have all sorts of small things I'm supposed to do....nibbled to death by ducks is this decade's overused phrase that I sometimes wish I'd invented. (Other such phrases show up regularly at sites like Smart Bitches and usually involve a lot of Zs) But having too much to do and avoiding it all is why I'm here. On the list is paying a bunch of bills, returning emails, thanking that fan who listed my mistakes in a book that's been OOP for 4 years. (hey, I'm keeping her list. who knows when someone might buy that book again?) Now that I'm getting to the bottom of the TTD list, I can see most of what's left pertains to promo and promo type things. Like the crappy car. Yes, we're getting the car. But the thing is, who is getting the car? That's what the people want to know. The car will eventually end up on the UConn campus. The oldest boy wants this crappy car, a lot, and will even pay for his own gas. Knowing the boy as I do, the inside of that

We go to Avatar along with everyone else in Hartford

a very crowded theater. And what's with the huge slug of upcoming 3D movies? Yeesh. After the movie. Not exactly with spoilers, but still, nearly: Boy1: They were right. It was just like Ferngully and Dances with Wolves. Boy 2 and 3: And Rambo. Boy1: Rambo? It was nothing like Rambo. What a stupid thing to say. Nothing like it. I bet you haven't even seen Rambo. Me: What I didn't like-- Boy2: Was too. Just like Rambo, stupid head Boy3: And Star Wars. It had that Star Wars thing. Me: What I didn't like-- Boy1: Star Wars? What? No way. And you're stupid. Rambo? No. Way. Smurfs though. Boy3: Smurfs??? Boy1: They were blue. Boy 2 and 3: Yeah. Definitely. Smurfs. Boy1: But no way Rambo or Star Wars. Boy 2: There's the hero epic journey thing. Me: What I didn't like-- Boy 1: And I don't see how you can say it was like Rambo. He was acting on his own. Me: But that's just it. That's what I didn't like-- Boy 2: Rambo! You're stupid! Boy 1: (in

under the influence of mucus

How old does a kid have to be before he stops leaving a trail of used kleenex? At least the kid wouldn't get lost in the forest--gross, but better than Hansel's bread crumbs. . except and this is TMI Seriously, seriously TMI dog adores the used tissues. Not as bad as dogs' enthusiasm for used cat boxes, I know, but still. I'm supposed to go wrap presents, so I will, but you can't make me enjoy this season. At least I don't feel guilty about not enjoying it any more. That's a relief. I think less effort and worry about the lack of Joy makes the atmosphere that much less falsely jolly ---- so that if some real jollity should slip in, we're pleasantly surprised. But not this year, I imagine. I finally managed to shake the cough and got the boy's cold. You know that part of A Christmas Carol ? (And you know you do because you have the damn thing memorized--perhaps against your will but still, you do. I'm sorry.) Anyway. That part when Scrooge

if you visit us

if you see this sign I just put up in the bathroom? It's not directed at you unless you also miss the toilet when you pee. I'm done with that one, entirely. If you live with teenaged males and have found a way to solve these issues without death or destruction, let me know. These rules are to be followed or you will be required to shower/bathe/brush teeth at the gym at least there someone is paid to clean up after you 1. Dry off most of your body INSIDE THE TUB. Have the towel within reach when you shower. Dry off, mostly, THEN STEP OUT. The mat is there to mostly keep your feet from freezing, not act as a towel. If the mat does end up wet, hang it on the tub so it’ll dry out 2. When finished with your towel don’t just hang it up, spread it out on its own bar. 3. When you brush your teeth and spit, you will notice --HOLY CRAP!--there is gunk in the sink from your spitting. Every single time you spit. There will be stuff in the sink


1. omigod snow! end of civilization! Oh! Oh! No! Before the snow everyone has to go out and drive around slowly. You'd think this was DC from the way the stores jammed up and from all the excited chatter in the check out lines. Snow! OMIFUCKINGGOD! 2. Gene Weingarten is one of the nicest people on the planet. He's written a few columns all about what a curmudgeon he is but I'm no longer buying that act. 2a. What about the car, you ask? The pro and con lists are driving everyone in the house nuts. We're making the lists and checking them twice and then starting again. Luckily we're all doing it so the problem is not just me. 3. I dreamed I accidentally wrote something snide in a promo/press release and was suddenly reviled by everyone with access to a computer. I was getting more guff than Candace Sams. What a stupid, stupid dream. Online equivalent of being nekkid in public, I guess. And I'd provide a link as reference to the Candace Sams debacle, but I


I posted my latest cover (book out in February) at erotic muses . I like it. Of course after Butt Genie, I'm not interested in covers that are just pretty. I want covers that will rock the foundation of civilization and get me publicity.


Colder weather means the dog can join me on errands again. Going for car-rides = highlight of her pathetic life. But what is with the overprotective world these days? Or maybe I mean kinda dumb world. ** Today's well-meaning person: You shouldn't leave your dog in the car. Me: Yeah, I don't in the summer, but it's not hot any more. She won't suffocate. TWMP: Someone might steal her. ...I don't point out that this is an 80 lb rottweiler shepherd mix, not a toddler. ** Another person at trader joes : You shouldn't leave your dog in the car. He barked at me. Me: I'm sorry. She's usually pretty good about not barking at people walking past. (I get the person's point--bugs me when a dog startles the hell out of me with random barking when I'm just walking past) APATJ : I was just trying to say hello. Me : Did you put your hand in the window? (I leave it open a half inch sometimes) APATJ: I knocked on the glass. ** Person at Best

on the other hand...

it's a good thing that we have the internet to pry into the minds of the people we meet. I was just writing a scene in someone's house .... and realized the nosy character wasn't going to get squat from her snooping. She's looking around for CDs and books and whoops, no way. Those are all on the Blackberry or the Kindle.

wow, what a bitch

Turns out when I give anonymous star reviews, I'm a real asshat. Our library has a five star system for its online audio books. For each online book, there are two lines of stars: "average rating"and "my rating" and I've been using it for my own purposes. I'm not clicking to promote anyone's work, or tell the world my opinion, but to keep track which books I've listened to and whether or not I liked the damn thing. Memory failing, don't you know. I've listened to a gazillion books and given out only a few five star ratings. Most of the time I'm clicking two, three stars---with a fair number of one stars. It's a huge difference from my usual instincts for star rating--kind of a reverse, actually. (I give lots of fives in the real world but that's in part because I don't go rating the one star books. Me 'n Harriet Klausner.) I think it's because the author is unlikely to come across my rating at our public libra


The promo budget for 2010 is now the crappy car. I won't participate in any online ads or group Romantic Times and I'm no longer featured over at Noveltalk or Fresh Fiction. Hmm. That almost covers the car cost. Hey, if I was going for a single full-color ad in RT, I could have gotten TWO crappy cars. ** I wasn't planning to lay out the bucks for anything huge because so far I have three books scheduled for release in 2010 and two of them are m/m with Bonnie Dee. Nothing big, nothing NY so no advances. The $30 here and there for those online banners are out. I have to use this purchase as my promotion. How can I connect the historical romance or the hot sexxx with the 1991 mazda 323? I asked some writer pals for ideas. Here's what I got: 1. Paint your name and website url on the car. Looks like it needs a paint job anyway. (more than one person) 2. Sandy Blair's suggestion: “Win a fab car once owned by noted columnist Gene Weingarten and now by award-winning
Oh. My. God. The car is ours. The good news the "revolver" listed is a bike rack and not an actual gun....for my husband's sake. He's looking up blue book value. $350 trade in. WOOT! But once the oldest son and his friends get finished painting it, this vehicle will be worth a great deal more. UPDATE: And the more I read about the Weeks family, their boys and the charity , the better I feel about this business. I was feeling slightly miffed at this whole thing--there are only so many times I can be called a doot brain*** before I start to sulk--when I read about the Weeks's loss. Whining seems beside the point. Especially with that that additional why-are-you-discontent----you-still-have-your-boys factor. (Linton and Jan Weeks strike me as too generous to want any other parent of boys to feel slightly guilty. That sort of response just comes along naturally). _______ *** I'd say the doot-brain name-calling is pretty evenly divided between Mike and m

Shitshitshit Save me from myself

me: hey, mike, look at this listing. Gene Weingarten's selling a car for charity. mike: Pretty sweet wheels. We definitely should bid. me: ha! ha! ha! two hours later.... me: okay, I bid mike: wt? f? me: It's fine. I mean Gene Weingarten is famous! A famous funny guy!** Surely someone will outbid this paltry sum of mine. mike: How much did you bid on that piece of crap? Do you recall we have a kid in college? me: He's at a state school. It's fine! mike: Didn't you tell me that your writing income is going down rather than up? me: Oh, it's fine. It really is a good cause. And this conversation is moot because any second now someone else will outbid me. six days later .... Oh, shit. the auction's going to end in an hour and fifteen minutes. No one has outbid me and I'm freaking doomed. Here's what I tell myself: On the plus side, there's a clock and a cool teeshirt thrown in--a teeshirt I'd never get in the usual manner becau

more random

why why why did the library get this book ? and why why why did I start listening to it? why can't I stop? the most simplistic of the spenser testosterone myth stuff dumbed down to for kids. how is it that people can give romance the middle finger when there's this kind of stuff to moan about? fight fight pose pose hero hero etc Here's what I think: This is the xy equivalent of the xx of trashy romance. there, I admit it: there is such a thing as trashy romance...and I'm reading it all. xx xy allllwwwlllwlw. uuuhhhhhhhhhhh Kate's moan of anguish. all that PLUS about ten mentions of susan's harvard phd education. ** the good news: it's short. why can't I stop? why? The description of the river is cool. the title is nice and fits...but. why? why? why? do I do it? Speaking of romance, all the carrying on about White Collar's main lead is fun to see--swooning on twitter-- but what I like are the Relationships. The FBI guy and his wife is one of the
and this is the best website ever.

stuff and maybe an SBD

I'm trying NOT TO COUGH, okay? but it's not working, so just stop glaring at me. I learned how to do the int0-the-elbow thing when my kid was in preschool and I'm good at it. I n other coughing news, the cheratussin ac is evil tasting. My chest hurts. and that's the extent of my complaints, which is pretty good for a Complaint Queen such as myself. Because coughing, while it is monotonous and keeps one from sleeping, isn't in the same league as stomach stuff on the pain and suffering index. And I just got a dash of perspective. My P&S index seems pretty minor compared to these people . I was looking up the cough syrup to see if I could add on other meds and found that loop where they discussing getting high or coming off a high using cough syrup. Call me old fashioned, but what's wrong with alcohol if you want a little drug abuse? It has to taste better than cough medicine. Or is there some kind of addiction thing going on? And hey I got to ask after re
I've been doing the glom thing lately. . . and have noticed that the first book in a series is best and the rest are written more quickly and so aren't as polished. Except the writing in the Maisie Dobbs series gets better and better with each book, the characters more interesting. Now I need to find another series. I wish that Patricia Briggs woman wrote more quickly.

Cover Queen

This is worth reading: Mandy Roth's process Cover art in the smaller presses. The bigger publishers--it's a whole different story. But since I deal with the little guys, lately....I have a strong new opinion and my attitude has changed. A lot. As in I now believe my opinion shouldn't matter at all. Seriously, dudes, what I like isn't relevant and, these days, when I see that form asking me for my preferences, I wonder why do they ask me ? My name might be on the cover, but this is a project involving specialists in all sorts of fields. Do they think I know what sells or doesn't sell? I know the sort of covers I prefer, but I'm too close to the story plus--and this is more important-- my tastes might not match other readers, the people who'll actually buy my book. At that point, once the publisher has acquired my story and used my input to turn the book into something polished [sidenote: BUT HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, NOT JUST MY INPUT PLEASE. Thank you.]Anyw

blahdyblahblah blah

I'm here, doing nanowrimo at La Paloma . There are about ten of us sitting around in a pleasant coffee house, typing on computers, writing in notebooks. It's very quiet. Shhhh. So why am I blathering on twitter and in my blog? No clue. I think I'll plan Thanksgiving dinner, except, naw. If I get too funky with that, the traditionalists will be crushed and angry. Turkey, and everything I always make, including the sacrificial turnips and brussel sprouts. Okay, maybe I could balance my checkbook. Or curl up on this comfy couch and fall asleep. Or do useless research on the the origin of color names because of Doug. Or go buy coffee from Helder. Or design a page for the getting the book done group because Meetup, bless its easy-to-use self, costs too much. Or go home and harass my family. This laziness is so not my fault. Someone needs to give me a deadline and apparently nanowrimo doesn't cut it. Speaking of deadlines.... segue alert! segue alert! whoopwhoopwh

that good review

and really, I should post links like this everywhere I can. A good review for an old book. She got the hero's name wrong, but ask me if I care. Answer: not even a little bit. I wonder if I can remember how to update my page.

well, ok

Dear Summer, I really enjoyed your book. Obviously I don't agree with Smart Bitches and I just wish I had the kind of clout they do so I could counterbalance that review. Irrational Arousal was a fun read and I'm going to read more of your stories--I already have them on my computer. I would like to point out that that one phrase that Sarah uses "Vulvan Mind Meld" is awesome and you should take that for your own use. It doesn't look like they've copyrighted it, so you should steal it. Thanks for a great book, and I look forward to reading more! KG That's almost exactly what Toni A. said--I should play that baby up big time. Yeah, I think maybe I'll put somewhere on my Summer Devon site...without actually linking back to that damned review, of course. Vulvan Mind Meld TM is mine. . .

The big question: When do I get my first paycheck?

Somewhere online someone is acting like an expert and, because of luck and timing, that person will be right. His/her spouting off will be accurate---this time. How can we know the difference between this coin-flipping clever person and a real expert? (definition of real expert someone who has read articles longer than twitter entries and maybe has been around for a while. And knows the details and isn't just guessing based on sensations emanating from his/her butt. A degree might be in there as well--> his past, not his butt.) So, what's the answer? How do we know? No clue. I don't know the difference and neither does anyone else unless they bother with the research which is tedious and requires some expertise. The world is full of poseurs and it's interesting to discover how easy it is to pull off a convincing act as an authority even in the age of google. I'm thinking of adopting the correct confident attitude and trying for a schtick as an expert myself


I'm tired of long descriptive passages. Maybe it's time for something written by Hemingway. Only I don't think I want one of his stories...sure, all that spare prose fits those narratives about Being a Man, but how about a mystery? That might work. Maybe a Wodehouse mystery too. "I say Tuppy, topping weather. Is that a corpse sprawled on the old chaise lounge?" If I can't have new material, I'll take a retelling of old stuff. At dinner we were explaining O. Henry stories to the sprats and they said, "hey! Now I get that episode of Futurama." The boys attempted to describe the episode in which two characters get hair cuts so they can buy combs and the third shows up with a new wig (their hair) and a lotta combs.....or something. You had to be there and I wasn't. But the gist! The gist! Hey Shakespeare did that retelling schtick and nobody whines about him, much. And some stories just keep popping up like reanimated corpses and no one co

have you noticed?

1. I'm all about the numbers. 2. and the tangents.

reading some more

1. I think I lied when I said I wasn't going to do a Maisy Dobbs glom. There are habits I want broken--like I wish the characters didn't do that repeat a phrase thing and keep saying each other's names (eg "That they do, Billy, that they certainly do.") and honestly, Pilates? But I'm growing fonder of them, and that's a sign of danger ahead. Growth and change in familiar characters is worse than salty nuts when it comes to that old addictive quality. I wonder when TPTB figured out that it can't all be same old, same old. We have a buncha Perry Masons on tape and there's no change or soap opera building from week to week. No way you could get away with that now. All those evil publishers/producers know about helpless readers/viewers trapped by helpless addiction to changing character arc. 2. Also more Wodehouse because they're all free on Kindle. Early Wodehouse is better than no Wodehouse. 3. Here's what I'm not going to read: Goin

source of grump

1. The theme from Arthur is jammed in my head. Thanks a lot, Ryan. Your video is cute, but the song! THE SONG. 2. This is the biggie for me: a semi-possible offer from a dreamy fabu publisher is not going to happen. 3. Christmas. I'm getting worse at that holiday, or rather the season. I should have been trained in it better. 4. Rain, rain, more rain. 5. The house smells like an old damp ex-fire because the old fire went out. 6. Nekkid trees. 7. In the rain. Except my husband just told me out of the blue that he loves me, so okay. And also someone invented Pandora so I can drive out Christopher Cross. Currently my "Old White Guys" station is playing Steely Dan and Bruuuuuuuuce is up next. Another also? If there is some scurrying and hue and crying going on in the internettty world or politics or publishing, I'm not there. I've checked out. Unless you know something about it....and it's potentially interesting? Well? Hmm? Anyone? Gossip?

book report

I had a run on the YA Historical Mystery stuff. I read: 1. a couple of Maisie Dobbs books....The history part is fun. She did her homework and uses the research for details that make the story richer instead of smacking us longside the head with Facts (well, occasionally there's a teeny tiny head-smack) . Maisie herself isn't impressing me all the time. She's too perfect and the way she tells people what to do in a rhhather pompous manner is rhather annoying. And there isn't a sense that she questions herself and the Great Blanche's methods--not enough self-awareness. Plus those methods. Nope, I'm not sure they are presented so that I'd believe them. So that bit above sounds whiny, but I like the books just fine. The author knows her pre-WWII world. Overall grade: fun stuff. OH! And there's the big secret about the man Maisie had loved at the end of the first book and that made me like her more. She became slightly more human. More flawed = human.

gaze upon the awesome power that is me

No, I refuse to believe it's all coincidental: Twice in the last few months, I've change the course of the publisher. Right after one of my books came out, they basically discontinued the line. Right after I made a lot of fuss and bother (well, mostly just snickered) they changed the way they do covers. They are sick and tired of authors complaining the cover doesn't reflect the story. . .Hmmm I didn't have that complaint. And really, they didn't say that--they do professional communication. I'm reading between the lines the official statements. They just said something along the lines of nope, sorry. We are now making covers that we think will sell the book. The covers don't necessarily have to reflect the actual characters. I hope they won't start putting tall leggy blondes on stories featuring midget brunettes. Since we're talking hot contents, at least the covers won't be entirely Kilgore Trout.


I want to post Halloween pictures of aya and tom, but I can't because I don't have any. I need my pix of butterflies and h1n1. Here's Alex from a gazillion years ago. My boy: VERY SAD BABY Pretty happy teenager. I don't get it but I'll take it, thanks. I realize the reason we're doing well here is that we're incredibly lucky with the kids, the health, the ability to laugh at the same stupid crap etc. The basics are better than anyone could hope for. That means any whining? Details and blips. I should probably knock wood 24/7 ....spit over my left shoulder . . .light candles of gratitude to the gods . . . maybe clean the place up a little? Some recognition of the bounty. Maybe I'll whine creatively just to disguise the situation so the eye of chaos won't fall upon this house.

not too much of a good thing

There are some authors one should only read a book then take a break. No glomming for them. Right now I'm letting myself listen to my every-couple-of-months Carl Hiassen. His basic characters and his plots are repeats but I love them so much, I don't mind. I did the mistake of reading a couple in a row and getting annoyed by the repetition factor. But after a while I want to go back. I love the nasty pasty city villains, the crazy bad guys--especially the ones that are redeemed. And the crazies who're hanging around the everglades. In the familiar mix there is always something new and interesting--and usually something so funny I'll laugh enough to wake up the dog.

never mind race, let's talk food

as in what yummy foods match your characters' skins? I think it's a fun question that could really bring some hunger and creativity into the writing process. I take a kitchen tour at erotic muses. But golly, I can't read that Dear Author thread any more. It's just too familiar. Too much BTDT, hear the rants already. The passions and dismissals and the angers and the stunned hurt. Yup.
Good news! Diane Farr will have another book out Bad news**! It'll be in March. ** because I don't like waiting.

Scenes from the life of the Overcommitted Teenager

Repeat daily for at least a week. Add dramatic symptoms of cold when needed . me: Go to bed, it's midnight kid: I can't. I have to finish this essay. ** me: Go to bed, it's 1 am. kid: I can't. I have to study for the test tomorrow. ** me: Bed. It's 3. BED! kid: All right, all right. Jeez. ** ** me: Wake up, it's 6 am kid: brrboidfhwl'sjghls ** me: Wake up, it's 6:30 am kid: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz ** me: Wake up, it's 7. You missed the bus. I'll give you a ride to school. WAKE UP. kid: All right, all right. Jeez. me: Don't you mean thanks for the ride, mom ? kid: brrboidfhwl'sjghls ::hack::hack:: me: That's a nasty cough. Maybe you should stay home. kid: I have two tests today ::hack:: ::hack:: and rehearsal and the play's next week ::hack:: ::hack:: I already missed most of a day and I can't miss any more. And I don't have a fever. ::hack:: ::hack::::choke:: gack::

visitors galore

Every now and again I need to a new, more creative way to avoid work. When facebook or twitter fails to amuse, I check my stat thingy, see how many people are visiting this blog and why. And erg, dang, look the numbers are up. Erg, dang because I figure it's because of Irrational Arousal's major reaming over at SBTB (Just the thought of it makes me want to lunge for more chocolate. Shit. We're out of cookies.) Sure, sure some of you are coming from over there**. But listen, it's not all linked to that. I found another link to another bloggy thing as well, and I like this one. * * * It's Monday, which means SBD which I'll do later, I think. Except it's kind of a "I didn't like this book at all" report and it's too Mary Sunshine around here for that..... Yah, and with increased traffic, I really should put up a Best Of This Blog note. Except I'm too lazy and what do I know from the good posts. Hey, any of you doing NaNoWriMo?


I've been doing exercises for scene setting lately, just because enough with the talking heads. Scene! Setting! So for this exercise I draw on memories of specific spots and listing the sensory details from my memories. So far I've got: tropical beach at night (St Barts mmmm), outside the Washington Cathedral on a Wednesday evening listening to the bagpipes, sitting on a porch at a lake, walking up a steep hill, driving on the NJ Turnpike, drinking tea in the garden of Dairy Cottage. Just a list of the words of what I saw, felt, smelled, yada yada.... and here's what I'm learning. --Memories established alone are more powerful. Apparently when someone else is there, I don't do much in the way of observation. --Memories evoke far too much emotion to be entirely useful. I get sucked into the regrets and the sense of loss instead of What Was Happening. Every one of them has sorrow attached which is kind of ....odd. After all, I got to live through pleasant experi
A couple of entries back? when I said think of the bunnies? There are two at the local pet store and I suddenly Want a Rabbit. I had one for a while -- a mentally negligible number (named Bertie of course). It didn't require much to keep it entertained and happy, and its nose action alone was worth the price of bunny chunks. The husband has announced that a kitten is out. And no puppies. He stamped his little foot about it. But more furry things in this house would be good. The mice that are moving in for the winter don't count because I rarely spot them.

feel free to comment about what an awesome, damn fine rioter I am

I'm going to go find another cookie and really, stack that firewood. And wait for inspiration to strike.


advice to self after a SBTB DNF review 1. go find chocolate 2. reread my previous advice, and gaze upon the happy hippos (mostly because it's a cool picture) 3. think of the bunnies. 4. hope there are lots of comments, because it's good to get a lot of comments 5. for fuck's sake do NOT go read the comments. 6. get to work. 7. or stack firewood. 8. chocolate 9. bunnies. 10 reread this nice review of the same book a few times. 11, remind myself that just because SBTB is an incredibly popular site, and I happen to lurve Ms. Sarah. ..umm....just because. Wait, how is this number 11 going to help again? it helps that if I'm clever or creative enough I might get some real work. It also helps that I don't agree with a lot of what she wrote--the very worst reviews, the ones that stick around like a bad crabcake, are the negative ones that make you go Oh. Shit. She's right. * * * on an unrelated topic, those ads from Cancer Centers of America give me the willi

Revenge of the spammers

Well, hell. So do NOT OPEN ANY EMAIL FROM MY COMCAST ACCOUNT WITH THE SUBJECT LINE "hi" IT will take over your account and cause much wailing and gnashing of teeth and lots of spam going out. You don't have to open the thing for it to cause trouble. I didn't open attachments and BAM there I am, a spammer. Sorry


the spam box collection...various lines lifted from about 200 letters 1. I brush my hair Have you brushed your hair this morning? I thought about you Important that you reply I googled you today.... trouble viewing this email? Urgent news! I'm sorry I'm late again. We have not received your reply Billy was not satisfied. Your wife will not be satisfied. You will be satisfied. She will love you more Urgent News! 2 Replica Rolex Cheers. Sheaf Wizard Over the dying summer I have known. Now.... Replica they'll never know isn't real I was excluded I was excluded from parties and celebrations. Never satisfied with your tool. Bigger better tool Never satisfied. You will be glad. Universal decision for men who want to stay men It's easy. For you. We have not received your reply Trouble Viewing this email? Can you say timely I miss you 3. We have not received your reply We are awaiting your reply wistful
hey! I forgot to load up this nice review! Look. They like the book!

SBD sort of

For a moment I thought, OmG, I haven't read a book this week? Really? AND I've never gone so long without reading a book..... .... except yeah, I did read one. It was a PG Wodehouse first published in 1921. Not nearly as sappy as some of those early wodehouses. It did feature the brave young heroine. It was missing a lot of the comic bits and the voice isn't there yet. On the other hand, it had schticks he might have cut in a later novel-- or maybe skipped over lightly. He tended to abbreviate scenes once he got more polished. There's a longish bit where the heroine shows up as a penniless wretch at her dreary penny-pinching uncle's dreary house on Long Island. She starts out an honored guest and once the family figures out she has no money, she's gradually given jobs to do. The scenes where she and her dreary little cousin exchange looks as they're dragooned into jobs is pretty great. Oh, and the theater language is fantastic. Silly, of course, an
yikes, I don't think I've gone so long without blogging before. Maybe because I've been digging up excerpts and posting them on a loop and I've had more than enough of me. I'd say I haven't written because I have nothing to say but that hasn't stopped me for how freaking long? I've been blogging for years and years and years. I passed ancient and am a fossil in the blogosphere. I've stopped reading a lot of blogs too. The quicky check in with facebook and twitter means I can tell if anything BIG is going on. BIG as in a book sale, an illness, a birth, an argument, a divorce. I'm such a girl. (Mike just read Gene Weingarten to me and....... yeah, so?) There's a sea change coming. I love that phrase even if I don't know WT exact F it means***. I'm just waiting to find out what it is exactly. No one's told me, but I can feel it in the air. For all I know, it could be the inspiration to finally clean the basement hits. ______ **

yes, okay....

Dammit, all right. YES. The cover does illustrate the story. It does. Okay? Great, got that settled. ON the other hand, it also beautifully illustrates Genie of the Butt Hole.

SBD and promo---but separate for once

I just finished listening to Neverwhere and I do like Gaiman's voice, but I'm not sure I loved the story. I think it would be better as a comic book--it would fit that format. And of course I mean a good comic book, although that's an unnecessary amendment. These days no one thinks that saying that writer's work should be in the comix is an insult.** I thought that even before I (consciously, anyway) remembered that's what Gaiman's famous for. The story had a kind of "and then" feel to it, the down-the-rabbit hole-and-what-comes-next adventure feel. Not really a character driven thing, but that's the way that particular world worked. Is that SBD enough to be considered an SBD? I want to stick to tradition. Dammit. * * * Mostly what I'm doing today is putting up excerpts in a yahoo group, sexydelights (sound like a kind of candy--something with nougat). I'll try to put up a link , but I'm having miserable luck with those. Just go
I've actually grown fond of that cover. If you go over to my new Summer page , part of it is featured prominently. I had to fill some space and it didn't blur out when I made it big...So very big.

laughing, a lot.

I still like the ones you guys sent but some of these snarkola comments are excellent. I'd say whomever wins gets a copy of my book, whether she wants it or not.


my boys are freaking awesome.....even when they're not.

If I'm going to complain. . .

I should also show the happy side, right? 1. I finished writing a story I like. A short one, but any length is good. 2. A pleasant person at godaddy** told me how to use my guest book at the site I made. 2a. The fact that the site is working is amazing--I also found this nice note there. 3. I do like critiquing with people. Nothing in the world is more fun than brainstorming. NOTHING. . . . . Thanks, Toni and Corey. _____ ** I have always gotten fabu help from godaddy. The people who answer the phone are unfailingly polite and helpful. Funky.


I'm doing research for a book, reading fun articles about life in NYC including this one about the Tombs I can't help but notice how many of the murdered wives were named Margaret.

SBD--Ruth Glick's Love Hate Relationship with the page

Time to hear from someone who really, truly knows the process and the industry. One hundred and twenty five books. New York Times, USA Today best-selling, award-winning novelist, Ruth Glick (aka Rebecca York) is the author of 125 books. She writes paranormal romantic thrillers for Berkley and romantic thrillers for Harlequin Intri gue. Her many awards include a PRISM Award for "Second Chance" in MIDNIGHT MAGIC (Tor, May 2006). She has received two Career Achievement Awards from RT BOOK REVIEW magazine. One thing I know about myself--the least favorite part of writing for me is the first draft and the galleys. I hate facing a blank page. So I write my first draft as fast as I can. Once I get that draft, I can edit it within an inch of its life. Every book I write goes through four or five edits. One on the screen and then th ree or four on p aper. Or more, if you count the editing I do of the previous text when I start work for the day. That’s just the w

she might have a point

Huh. This all seems familiar. I'd search for other times she's slapped me cross the face on this, but eh, living and learning is reserved for characters in books. We real types live, learn, forget, learn again, ignore, learn, learn, forget. What I really want is a good television show to watch and someone else to make dinner. Published Friend: Why on earth do you want to advertise the fact that you're not getting sales? me: Why not? PF: It's a bad business decision. No one wants to be associated with a loser. No one wants to know what a loser has to say. me: I didn't say I was a loser, I said I wasn't getting fabu sales. That's not the same thing. I didn't say anything about my writing. I like my writing. PF: Your writing is fine. I'd buy it. But you know that sales of books is the one way the rest of the world can mark how well or how badly you're doing. It's a super-big-ass mistake to put out the fact that you're not selling books


I'm about to go to a writing event, a day long seminar, and I was just forcibly struck with the feeling of why the bother? I'm not going to keep trying to make money at this, why bother with the time and effort of becoming better? Don't I have other things I could do? I wonder if this feeling will dissipate--BTDT with this discouraging business--or if it will sink in at last. People say that for most life-changing events there's a moment you feel like you hit the wall and you shout to the world enough! For me, these events are non-events. Usually when I stop, it's much more of a whimper than a BAM! thing. I drift away rather than run. So this is probably not significant. I'm probably still going to write/submit/etc but more and more halfassedly. Until I don't. I'm Prufrock and always have been. There's another thing: a nice guy called me to talk about a letter I wrote for a refugee and basically told me that if I wanted to get some work, I shoul

A long but worthwhile note about the internet bastards out to get you

I'm cutting it a little but not much. If you have a site or blog, you should read it. It's from Tina Pavlik at The Romance Studio... and thanks to D. Renee Bagby for pointing it out. It was in my inbox too and I woulda deleted it. (sorry, Tina) * * * As many of you are also aware, our very good friends at Coffee Time Romance and More were hacked last week. It was a very serious incident that required the entire site go down and they are still working around the clock to restore it. Coffee Time Romance and More has the full support of all of us here at TRS and we hope yours as well. Like you, we're really looking forward to having them back. BUT the incident isn't an isolated one. What the hackers are doing is new, there is nothing that can be done to prevent it. I won't go into a lot of technical jargon but these incidents made me think that I really wanted to put some information out there to our community -- anyone with a web site or blog ... In simple terms,