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my life as a rioter is looking kind of pleasant

I submitted to Big Name NYC Publisher again for the first time in a long time and I forgot how cool it feels to just . . . do that. I suspect my synopsis wasn't romance-y enough so it'll be a no, but still. Fun. And I liked the editor I subbed to--I met her last weekend. Liking someone isn't the big deal important part of course, we all know that. But it's icing on the cake. (big deal important = making gigundo bucks) So. NYC. A fair number of writers I know and respect have figured out that they can make the money they need via epublishing. Yeah, we all heard that for years from defensive ebook writers, but turns out nowadays it's true, sometimes. You can support yourself with those ebook sales. (you, not me, yet) I'm hearing them say, eh, why bother with NY? And they're right. But still. I'd love to be NY pubbed again. I liked those translated copies of my books. What else? I wrote a note to a publisher mentioning some of my Concerns and Issues. W

reviewing when I'd rather be reading

I keep thinking of how to describe the way some books are annoying me lately. But there is no way in hell I'm putting this stuff down on the interweb. Not only is it not my job, but it's not what I want to be in the world. I want to love the books. I want to clutch them tight to my bosom and whisper about all the pleasure they've given me. Only now that we've come this far, I wonder if any of you were as annoyed by the heroine in True Blue as I was? I'm not aiming for the creative snark, here, but God, she was a PITA. Her side-kick that she somehow snagged was more golden retriever than man. He followed along with her schemes, getting shot at etc, whining about the fact that he was a lawyer and could lose his license but never actually doing anything like calling her on the bullshit. Like, what the hell? Who bought the idea that her snooping around, not using any kind of standard procedure, on a case that had nothing to do with her down-fall was going to get her re

sbd a day late a big load of books

There have been kids around which means I read a lot. Easy to read, difficult to write with interruptions. What I've read: Compromising Positions by Jenna Baley-Burke This was a freebie from Amazon. Maybe I have low expectations from the freebies (I've gotten a lot of them lately and they've been almost all uniformly predictable and uniformly bad) but this was a great surprise. The hero and heroine were Romancelandia fluff--he's gorgeous and rich, she's attractive and in great shape to boot -- but they had more depth than I'm used to. When they did their banter, I was charmed and convinced they belonged together. A plain old contemporary romance with no paranormal elements or Big Mystery or death. Sweet but that's not the word I mean because it's quite sexy. I think this was my favorite read this week (despite the occasional feeling of "haven't we done this already?") . And like I said, I read a bunch of books. Wait, there were some

bah, humbug,,,,,

Yet another great review for The Gentleman and The Rogue ! And yet another letter I wrote this week pointing out that Bonnie Dee didn't write that book on her own. (ARe left off Summer Devon with Seducing Stephen ) Hey, Bonnie could have written those books alone -- but she didn't. And I didn't get annoyed the first couple of times Summer got left off a review or listing, but when I was reading that JERR review (which is great, but I'm not sure about their policy about reproducing it, so I won't) I finally got Shirty and Annoyed. I mean, jeez. Does Mandy Roth and/or Michelle Pillow deal with whichever one of them doesn't make it onto the lists? Is that why I don't see them writing together any more? I hope not. And yeah, I know. It really isn't truly a big deal. It didn't bother me the first couple of times.For some reason it's happened enough times that I'm officially annoyed. Repetition apparently makes a big difference. Like one of th

sbd labor day

Oooo I love that Jennifer Crusie book I just read. Yeah, it had ghosts, and I'm not big on ghosts, but so what. The characters were as good as they come. I wrote a review over at Amazon, but it's not up yet. I read my first Clive Cussler and was taken aback by the clunky writing and cliches. We learned the hair and eye color of every character and the horse power of every vehicle, and considering it was set in 1906, there were a heck of a lot of vehicles discussed. Purple prose, too. I seriously don't get how that works for people, but it does. For a hell of a lot of them -- so he must be doing something right. Right? Yes? Why don't people buy more books by the authors I love so that they can quit their day jobs and write stories for me? I went looking for the newest RA MacAvoy or KG MacAbee and they still haven't written anything new. And Nancy Butler, too. Where is she? It's depressing me. At least I know I'll find out when/if Diane Farr writes another

Internet mysteries

Please to be explaining this, mr. google translate. We put in the line "su conejo te ama" and the translation came back "Your pussy loves you." No, said Mike, conejo means rabbit. So I took away all the words leaving only "conejo" and sure enough, when it was all alone, it was "rabbit" THEN I added it all back, word by word and ended up with "Your bunny loves you." WTF. My guess is that google can do the obscene thing and rabbit is what women call their . . . pussies. But what's with the bunny? How'd did that creep in?