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hysterically cheap

Hey look! All of my Loose Id historicals are only 99 cents !   Ninety-nine cents, $0.99 #LIHistoricalHysteria is the official way to tell you guys this!** THESE NOVELS ARE SO CHEAP, THERE IS NO SYMBOL ON THE KEYBOARD TO MARK HOW CHEAP THEY ARE!  Less than a tiny cup of coffee, less than a single donut (donuts around here, anyway)! Less than a dog's chewie treat! SO CHEAP .... but only until Friday, so act fast. Act now!  Full length, award-winning, fabulous novels -- each for less than a dollar! Question: What could be a better deal for that price?   Answer : nothing! Except maybe a winning lottery ticket...but that's actually a penny more and these books are a surer bet! so ... NOTHING IS BETTER! Here's a full list of the books that are cheap this week. They were in alphabetically order but, because this is my blog, I've pulled mine up to the top of the list: Powder of Love, The Gentleman and the Rogue,  htt

Some books are better than others.

I just gave away Thank You Mrs. M to a bunch of friends and acquaintances. I didn't beg for reviews, I didn't expect a thank you (they're nice, though) I just gave it away. Want one? I'll give you a copy too. Some books are like that. I like them enough that I don't mind giving them away. When I say "I like them" I'm not talking about the actual book. No, once the book is written, edited, proofed, I'm not foolish enough to reread them. Not the story.. It's the process I enjoyed, so the book itself is a favorite. At the end of the day,** the book owes me nothing, which is a lovely feeling. Why do I like Thank You Mrs M? The story came pretty easily, almost as if a plot fairy was in charge. I got to ask my professor pal Kathy to read it and she did and gave me advice and she liked it. My sister, one of my main beta readers, made great suggestions and the story improved with them. I love it when a tweak transforms something. Using the "

random stuff for SBD

First: we'll get the inevitable promo out of the way. If you're a member of the huge goodreads m/m group, you can vote on our book to be the BOM (book o' the month). Okay? Good. Thanks! Second: SBD. From twitter -- I'm reading a mystery (not really very mysterious) by Dick Lochte. Guy is an excellent writer. Elegant prose without that Look At Clever ME schtick. An update on that? I got halfway through and didn't finish the book. That's because it was a library book and they vanish from the Kindle on their due day, through the mysterious waves of technology. This time (it's happened before) I didn't have a fit and run to the library to get a hard copy of the book, and I'm not sure why. I appreciated the author's writing. I liked the main character who was flawed but interesting, my fave sort. Maybe the plot failed to grip? Maybe I have ADD this week? I can't remember why I'm not reading that book. another update: I might actually


Lois McMaster Bujold, I love you. I miss Miles (who shows up only briefly) in the latest book. This one features Ivan Vorpatril, definitely a member of the drones club (or he was until now), but the funny wedding and the silly family with the pirate father. . . .oh, it was lovely. I want to go back and read all the books again. This one has more mentions of favorite characters than actual sightings of them, but Ivan and Tej are worth the time. I always think of old trad regency length Metzger as Heyer meets Wodehouse but I think Bujold wins that award with some clever twists and Douglas Adams thrown in. The only sad I have at the moment is that I'm done. I think Doug Hoffman's is just as fun and just as clever, but I have a feeling I'm supposed to be reading that with the eye for improvement and .... I'm not an editor.
The Psychic and the Sleuth hardcopies showed up at my door yesterday. So I'm running a contest today!** Get your copy early, a month before it appears in stores.         Goodreads Book Giveaway                                       The Psychic and the Sleuth                       by Bonnie Dee                                   Giveaway ends November 12, 2012.                                 See the giveaway details             at Goodreads.                               Enter to win Today is also the day Unnatural Calamities comes out in print . My writerly life is all about the paper today. ________________________ **Hey, contest widget, I wrote that book too. In fact my name is listed first. Dagnabit, I wish they'd stop leaving me off our books.

A quicky exercise from Donald Maas

Think of a scene in a book and write down the main emotion of the main character in the scene.  (Main character probably the one most affected by the action OR the main character of the book, the one with the biggest story arc. This is from a talk he gave that I heard about. I wasn't there so this is a guess.) NOW think about TWO MORE emotions s/he'd be having in that scene.  NOW write the scene with the second emotion firmly in your brain. Do this change o' pace emotion thing at least 8 times in a book.