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Return to routine

I just noticed that Lois McMaster Bujold likes Ben Aaronovitch too.  I saw that mention on her blog which shows up on her Amazon page.  Which reminded me of my own blog and .... maybe this will show up on my Amazon page? If it does, and you've clicked on the link, hello! Here it is, my new cover for a new novella -- the first new book in a while, actually. Have you missed my writing? Whoops, never mind, not going to rub a toe in the dirt and peek over at you to see if I get some pats on the head. I've missed it and that's going to get me cranking again This was inspired by Bonnie Dee who wrote to me and said, hey, want to write a story about dogs and guys?  Yes please. Yes. A nice break from reality and, hoo boy, I have missed routine and fun stories. Thank you, Bonnie. I'm going to include an excerpt to her book at the back of mine. Hers will show up May 20, I think. HOT UNDER THE COLLAR will be out in May too -- probably May 15.