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what am I doing?

1. Trying to title a historical -- New York, 1880s, widow holds a policeman captive. She has her reasons, okay? Then I have to write cover copy and send descriptions off to the designer. Anyone got any ideas? He's (slightly) corrupt and has been sent to take away her kid (at the behest of her in-laws) Her Charming Captive Her Clever Captive I used to hate writing synopses but I'd rather write a dozen if it's that or come up with a single title. Ugh.  Also writing back-cover copy = worst ever 2. Fretting about my little dinosaurs. No need because they are strong critters. You shall not pass!    3. Living with all four of my men. All are men now. You go off-line for a few months and BOOM your little kids are grown up and your husband of course doesn't age at all. 4. Mourning my big pup. I miss her a lot. She was a good, good dog and a fabulous writing companion.