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No, I refuse to believe it's all coincidental: Twice in the last few months, I've change the course of the publisher.

Right after one of my books came out, they basically discontinued the line.

Right after I made a lot of fuss and bother (well, mostly just snickered) they changed the way they do covers.

They are sick and tired of authors complaining the cover doesn't reflect the story. . .Hmmm I didn't have that complaint. And really, they didn't say that--they do professional communication. I'm reading between the lines the official statements.

They just said something along the lines of nope, sorry. We are now making covers that we think will sell the book. The covers don't necessarily have to reflect the actual characters.

I hope they won't start putting tall leggy blondes on stories featuring midget brunettes. Since we're talking hot contents, at least the covers won't be entirely Kilgore Trout.


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