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A Debut Title from Rochelle Campbell

Promoting someone other than me -- here's Rochelle! I haven't read the book, but it looks pretty intriguing Kate A question and answer session with Rochelle Campbell.... What made you want to be a writer? I don’t think there was any one singular moment that created my life-long desire to write.   As most writers, I began as an avid reader.   My aunt was a librarian and through her I gained access to a world of books, periodicals and journals.   I recall being impressed that the people who wrote things hundreds of years ago were being remembered by the people who read their words today .   In a sense, these authors became immortal.   I’m sure this thinking process factored into my desire to be a writer. Your current book, Fury From Hell , is a paranormal cop thriller.   What first attracted you to this genre? My favorite books always included some fantastical element – ghosts, witches, magical objects, vampires, etc.   However, I never felt ‘cre

Until Friday, these books are practically free

THE GOOD : I have two books marked down to only 99 cents. THE BETTER : They're fun Victorian Romances. THE BEST : Every cent I make selling them this week will go to Stef's KO Fund. ** Here's the facebook page for Stefani's kick out cancer reading blitz fundraiser.  Here's Stef's gofundme page. HERE ARE THE BOOKS: Love Between the Lines  at Amazon also marked down at Barnes and Noble. 4.5 Stars! "Rothwell's historical romance is pleasing from every angle!" --RT Bookreviews Magazine Danger won't deter this intrepid reporter--even when life and love are on the line. Sir Gideon Langham wants the best for his flagship newspaper. Hiring daring female reporter Lizzie Drury, aka "Trudy Tildon," seems like a smart decision--until he finds himself falling for her. He knows she'll risk everything to get a story which is perfect for an employee, but not for the sort of woman he plans to marry. Lizzie longs to w

A NEW BOOK RELEASE TODAY and some nice reviews.

Mending him is available today!  REVIEWS ARE POSITIVE! (Phew!).  This is a great historical romance, written in the language of the times, adding credibility and authenticity to the plot. It's well-written, with interesting characters, and a few unexpected plot changes, which kept my interest. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a historical romance, passionate men, and true love overcoming almost impossible obstacles. Thanks, Bonnie and Summer, for the highly entertaining story. --rainbow reviews Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon have written an enjoyable, frothy historical romance that manages to balance the darker emotional conflicts with the relief of sexy times and witty hero-to-hero moments.  The interplay of the romance allows for characters that seek maturity, and watching the characters find excitement in each other throughout the book is worth the angsty parts.  Mending Him was like dark chocolate: sweet enough to be a dessert, and bitter enough to

A post sure to annoy everyone

I was listening to an expert describe different types of rape, specifically date rape, and realized a situation she described happened twice to me. She called it date rape. Hearing what I lived through given that label felt nauseating but not for the reasons you'd think. Let's get down and dirty with my experiences. Or my memory of them. I didn't want to have sex but I liked the guy(s) and didn't really know how to say no (I sure as SHIT hope this doesn't happen as much these days. God, we were badly educated--and I'm talking about the men, too, so don't get all Like That.) Anyway I went along with these events. One turned out not so bad--although the sex wasn't on my agenda and he didn't do much for me. I was unenthusiastic and said, maybe we shouldn't do this. It wasn't a no. It was a meh.  He didn't hear me. He was really turned on and not listening. I'm sure absolutely sure , if I'd pushed him, hit him, yelled at him