1. omigod snow! end of civilization! Oh! Oh! No!

Before the snow everyone has to go out and drive around slowly. You'd think this was DC from the way the stores jammed up and from all the excited chatter in the check out lines. Snow! OMIFUCKINGGOD!

2. Gene Weingarten is one of the nicest people on the planet. He's written a few columns all about what a curmudgeon he is but I'm no longer buying that act.

2a. What about the car, you ask? The pro and con lists are driving everyone in the house nuts. We're making the lists and checking them twice and then starting again. Luckily we're all doing it so the problem is not just me.

3. I dreamed I accidentally wrote something snide in a promo/press release and was suddenly reviled by everyone with access to a computer. I was getting more guff than Candace Sams. What a stupid, stupid dream. Online equivalent of being nekkid in public, I guess.

And I'd provide a link as reference to the Candace Sams debacle, but I'm too lazy and anyway, you've seen this sort of thing before, I'm sure. Over at Amazon you'll find 24 pages attached to a review of one of her books. The pages and pages consist of her being a serious dope followed by a huge rushing tide of outraged people saying WTF!!! There has to be some sort of internetty term for that kind of dogpile. We need something that sounds more technical than dog pile.)

3a. Now that I'm awake I think it might be marginally worse to write something snide and not have anyone notice.

4. I have a jigsaw puzzle wreath on the door because Leslie sent it to us. Envy me. You'll envy me more once I find the camera and show you its awesome snowflakish pattern.

Oh god SNOW.

5. There's some delay picking up kid from college because he has to get his room to the point where it's "not a fire hazard" No, really, that's exactly what he said. He doesn't have to clean up but he'll get fined if it's a fire hazard.

It's always clear when there's a college break coming along, because the calls crank up. As of yesterday, I stopped answering the phone because he never answers his cell which means his friends call us. We are so 20th century what with this landline and all.

6. I'm not loving the books I'm reading nor the movies I'm watching nor (and this is the bad one) the books I'm writing. Alas. I want to be blown away but it's not happening. No happy little sighs. On the other hand, no slamming the books against the far wall. Ah, blah. We watched Shakespeare in Love for the first time last night. Eh, it was cute. but Eh which is a step up from Meh.

7. And I got another rejection. Tough shit. I'm not going to get the hint, world. You'll just have to put up with the submissions because, I mean, what else can I do? I'm still not fit for the refugees. Their lives are hard enough without having me back in the picture.


  1. Must look up this Candace chick you mentioned... I love number seven. I completely, totally relate. Got one yesterday myself. I'd share more but then I'd have to delete it and/or subject myself to nightmares about how my behavior landed me on a black list of sorts. ;)

    Great post. You're so awesome I would like to give you a hug. But OMFG it's gonna snow at some point so, I must delay. :)

  2. Forget Shakespeare in Love, go watch Much Ado about Nothing with Keanu Reeves. The whole cast is incredible. If that doesn't blow your doors off, I don't know what will.

    And when I'm having trouble finding books that grab me, I read poetry.

  3. Kimberly, wasn't this snow a major let down? We got maybe 6". Pfah

    And ummmm....Keanu Reeves? Shakespeare? Seriously? Keanu? Reeves?

    I'm reading the internet instead. It's also time to shrink wrap windows so that'll keep me occupied for many thrilling hours.

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