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My book is a BookBub special today!

You can get a full-length award winning historical romance by me! It's featured on BookBub Another upside to this sale? You buy the Kindle copy and pick up a discounted audio version too -- both for less than $4. This was my first published title, put out by Kensington. It's still one of my favorites, in part because I really love Mick, the cop hero. When I wrote it, alpha heroes were the way to go. My editor took a chance on a what she called out-of-the-norm sort of hero: a guy who isn't rich or pushy. I also had a great time doing research about the corrupt New York City police department for this book. Turns out I had too much fun -- I had to take out pages and pages of  Gangs of New York non-romance sort of content. I wrote Intrepid Heroine Who Gets into Trouble Timona soon after watching a few episodes of  the Perils of Pauline-- the real ones made in 1914. It shows. Somebody Wonderful  will be 99 cents until 2/17/18  here's the link at Barnes and Nobl