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Every now and again I need to a new, more creative way to avoid work. When facebook or twitter fails to amuse, I check my stat thingy, see how many people are visiting this blog and why. And erg, dang, look the numbers are up. Erg, dang because I figure it's because of Irrational Arousal's major reaming over at SBTB (Just the thought of it makes me want to lunge for more chocolate. Shit. We're out of cookies.)

Sure, sure some of you are coming from over there**. But listen, it's not all linked to that. I found another link to another bloggy thing as well, and I like this one.

* * *

It's Monday, which means SBD which I'll do later, I think. Except it's kind of a "I didn't like this book at all" report and it's too Mary Sunshine around here for that.....

Yah, and with increased traffic, I really should put up a Best Of This Blog note. Except I'm too lazy and what do I know from the good posts.

Hey, any of you doing NaNoWriMo? That thing is practically corporate--I drove across the river and met my ML last night.

"Municipal Leader." Sounds Soviet.


**Hi, hi, hello, and if you email me, I might send you a copy of Irrational Arousal. One of you anyway. Come on, YOU know you're curious. Is it really that bad? Here's your chance to find out.

Nothing is free in this life and you will pay a penalty: I'll put you on my mailing list which I only use when I have new releases. And which you will be able to escape....eventually.


  1. Hi Kate :)
    I'm doing #NaNo.
    I'm RKCharron there.
    Would you Buddy me?
    I'd love to read Irrational Arousal.
    My email is in my Blogger Profile.
    I hope you have a wonderful week!
    All the best,

  2. Nano? I have no time left in my life for Moi anymore. And of course I come out of my self-imposed exile to see this post about irrational arousal, which my dyslexic brain kept insisting was international arousal, which, I admit, didn't quite interest me as much as the irrational one, which is bad, because my free time has shrunk to the size of a pinhead. (Of course, I should be able to do some sort of quantum magic and stretch it out so that a multitude of angels can dance on it, thus making my free time last forever - but that would be only if I gave up sleeping.

  3. SAM SAM! Wake up! It's all a bad dream. There are no angels or pins

    Hey, are you writing? Will you come tell me if you have any books out?

    RK, I'm on it.


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