that good review

and really, I should post links like this everywhere I can. A good review for an old book. She got the hero's name wrong, but ask me if I care. Answer: not even a little bit.

I wonder if I can remember how to update my page.


  1. Interesting comments over at that thread. I suspect the negative reviewer is one of those readers who freaks if the author commits a minor anachronism. (Like, what's that color that was only named after 1890 or something -- magenta?)

  2. I love that kind of detail too -- so I don't begrudge that shit at all. And now I have to go look up magenta, damn you.

    I disagree with Wendy because it's about human nature, not facts. I've read a few bios of women who lived in sin--eccentric women were all over the place but people wouldn't talk about them, naturally. Way too scandalous. They weren't often from normal families, but neither was the heroine.


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