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My Writing Day with an Unproductive Brain

My coworkers hear it all the time  and are profoundly uninterested me:  Okay, this isn't going to work. I have these characters drinking tea again. They need to do something else immediately. These words are chopped. Two hundred gone. And let's see, the confrontation is coming up soon. Any suggestions? also me:   Oh. My. God. Why bother? No one reads your books. No one thinks they're anything more than adequate. You can't seem to change your style to fit what people want. You're old news. OLD. NEWS. Stale old voice. There's no point in writing yet another book that no one will wants-- me: How about if they finally talk instead of just hinting around? Yeah, and maybe that guy will say what's been on his mind since chapter two. also me: Jesus. So boring. Talk, talk, talk. You know that your-- me: How about if they-- also me: --you know your books are worthless because people want conflict and angst. They don't want to read another book wit