source of grump

1. The theme from Arthur is jammed in my head. Thanks a lot, Ryan. Your video is cute, but the song! THE SONG.

2. This is the biggie for me: a semi-possible offer from a dreamy fabu publisher is not going to happen.

3. Christmas. I'm getting worse at that holiday, or rather the season. I should have been trained in it better.

4. Rain, rain, more rain.

5. The house smells like an old damp ex-fire because the old fire went out.

6. Nekkid trees.

7. In the rain.

Except my husband just told me out of the blue that he loves me, so okay. And also someone invented Pandora so I can drive out Christopher Cross. Currently my "Old White Guys" station is playing Steely Dan and Bruuuuuuuuce is up next.

Another also? If there is some scurrying and hue and crying going on in the internettty world or politics or publishing, I'm not there. I've checked out.

Unless you know something about it....and it's potentially interesting? Well? Hmm? Anyone? Gossip?


  1. Not a gossiper, sorry to disappoint, carrying so many dressing room secrets to the grave I'll sink to the center of the earth. I kind of like the blustery, dreary days of November. The light at twilight seems eerier somehow. I like being tucked in with a soft lamplight and a good book, something lovely cooking in the oven and a nice bottle of wine breathing.

    Finishing up a job and getting ready to head to DC tomorrow for a busy, work-filled week, back for a few days trying to get a small moving job sorted, and then to Maine for Thanksgiving -- 50 people, no arguments, it's worked for over 30 years.


  2. Bruuuuuuuuce as in that horrid "Don't Let Me Down" by Queen? They are saying Bruuuuuuuuce in that song, aren't they? In the OR yesterday, we were trying to figure out whether Elton John was singing (in Benny and the Jets) "Electric boots" or "Electric boobs." I'll let you guess what I was arguing for.

  3. Have fun in DC, Devon.

    Doug, Bruce as in Springsteen.
    Obviously you're right and it's boobs, even if it is Elton John.


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