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FREE short story part one! FREE

This is the novella/short story I wrote for Heroes and Heartbreakers. You can buy it at Amazon or go to Heroes and Heartbreakers and read it free! (or do both. I won't try to stop you.) The first half is up today, the second will be posted tomorrow. Go read! And what about that cover?

happy new book day to me!

"Must Loathe Norcross is small town m/m romance with a lot of hot body lusting, neighbourly nosiness, some quirky humour, and a delightfully gentle sense of love and romance." booktopia november romance buzz "...  I really had fun with it. I love Summer/Kate's writing and it always pulls me right through from start to finish. Recommended." five stars Eli Easton It's out today! Right now! You can go buy a copy for less than the cost of a Barnes and Noble fancy drink that I'm planning on buying myself to celebrate release day! buy at Samhain. buy at Amazon buy at barnes and noble When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as traveling light. Born wealthy and ambitious, Grady once worked hard and played hard—so hard, it brought him to the brink of ruin. Now, after a five-year retreat into the contemplative life, he’s dipping a toe back into the real world. Assigned to write a series of articles about a Connecticut valley’s small

New cover! Old book!

A fantasy romance, set in another world. "This is a weird and wonderful fantasy. Very powerful--and uplifting.  --Rob Preece (Goodreads) The revolution has swept the world, and the ancient rulers--mind-travelers who controlled others with their psychic powers--have been swept from existence. But one of the true revolutionaries must follow rumor to track down the last of the mind-travelers. Hunting mind-travelers is what Cor does--despite the burden of guilt he carries. The cast-away, Numi had been banished from society for her powers. Beautiful and more dangerous than any other enemy Cor's encountered. Numi will haunt her enemy the only way she knows how. . . I wrote this a while back and published it via booksforabuck. It was never a big seller, except it did very well at fictionwise....which should tell you how long ago the book came out. (fictionwise went under in 2012.) Last month, I got the rights back from. I had an editor g

why pointergate is important--despite the stupid title

I worked with refugees for ten years. Every one of the hundreds of people coming through my classroom had lived in a war-torn country. Every single person I met there had seen people they loved killed. the women who'd watched all the men and boys over 12 marched to the village green and shot to death. Every. Single. Male. the woman who had her baby taken from her and thrown over and over against a wall the man who had both his hands and feet lopped off the man who cried every day at the back of the classroom and whose hands were permanently bent because they'd been tied for over a year. the kids who wore that thousand yard stare no matter what you said to them or showed them Their stories seem so far removed from our world that it doesn't seem possible it could happen here. I learned three things from working with them: 1. No country inhabited by humans is safe from the terror created by that kind of hatred. 2. People you think you know can turn unbelievably ho

Slouching toward health

I'm standing around with my hands in my pockets but that's because I have to hold my pants up. Back to losing weight -- since June, I'm 30 lbs down with another 30 to go. Last time I did this, I was sure I would never get fat again. After all, I'd lost the weight the Right Way, slowly, with lifestyle changes, mindful eating, yada yada. I didn't realize how much my body loathes being thin and how much it loves chocolate and eating and yummmm food.The moment my back was turned on the counting of calories, the weight jumped back on. Also older bodies just don't burn it. In other news about me, me, me. I'm having a tough time getting this story going. Come on, story, write yourself. Dammit. And Columbus was a horrible person, maybe, but having a Monday off is a fine idea. Yeah, just writing random stuff to get a post up even though blogging is dead. Blathering about oneself on a blog is 1. A form of necrophilia. 2. Nostalgia 3. Not really worth me

Bang, whimper, lawsuit

I'm sad to see this crapolafest that is Ellora's Cave VS D.A. There's plenty of indignation and anger and long articles about freedom of press and first amendment rights and ... sure, sure, I understand. I'm probably not going to give money to defend DA but that's not because I don't agree. (It's because my EC books aren't making any money -- and I have a kid in college and I'd rather give to Doctors Without Borders or Urban Oaks  and my dumb dog is sick again and ohgodtheregoestheclutchonthecar. again.) I'm sad because I remember seeing how outrageous Jaid Black seemed...and yet look! She was an entrepreneurial genius! And she apparently was, for a while. That someone so very, very far outside the standard business model could make a successful bid in the world of publishing made me happy. I first published with them almost ten years ago, just about the time EC went big. I remember the calendars and the touring buses (or was it one bus?

A Debut Title from Rochelle Campbell

Promoting someone other than me -- here's Rochelle! I haven't read the book, but it looks pretty intriguing Kate A question and answer session with Rochelle Campbell.... What made you want to be a writer? I don’t think there was any one singular moment that created my life-long desire to write.   As most writers, I began as an avid reader.   My aunt was a librarian and through her I gained access to a world of books, periodicals and journals.   I recall being impressed that the people who wrote things hundreds of years ago were being remembered by the people who read their words today .   In a sense, these authors became immortal.   I’m sure this thinking process factored into my desire to be a writer. Your current book, Fury From Hell , is a paranormal cop thriller.   What first attracted you to this genre? My favorite books always included some fantastical element – ghosts, witches, magical objects, vampires, etc.   However, I never felt ‘cre

Until Friday, these books are practically free

THE GOOD : I have two books marked down to only 99 cents. THE BETTER : They're fun Victorian Romances. THE BEST : Every cent I make selling them this week will go to Stef's KO Fund. ** Here's the facebook page for Stefani's kick out cancer reading blitz fundraiser.  Here's Stef's gofundme page. HERE ARE THE BOOKS: Love Between the Lines  at Amazon also marked down at Barnes and Noble. 4.5 Stars! "Rothwell's historical romance is pleasing from every angle!" --RT Bookreviews Magazine Danger won't deter this intrepid reporter--even when life and love are on the line. Sir Gideon Langham wants the best for his flagship newspaper. Hiring daring female reporter Lizzie Drury, aka "Trudy Tildon," seems like a smart decision--until he finds himself falling for her. He knows she'll risk everything to get a story which is perfect for an employee, but not for the sort of woman he plans to marry. Lizzie longs to w

A NEW BOOK RELEASE TODAY and some nice reviews.

Mending him is available today!  REVIEWS ARE POSITIVE! (Phew!).  This is a great historical romance, written in the language of the times, adding credibility and authenticity to the plot. It's well-written, with interesting characters, and a few unexpected plot changes, which kept my interest. I recommend it to everyone who enjoys a historical romance, passionate men, and true love overcoming almost impossible obstacles. Thanks, Bonnie and Summer, for the highly entertaining story. --rainbow reviews Bonnie Dee and Summer Devon have written an enjoyable, frothy historical romance that manages to balance the darker emotional conflicts with the relief of sexy times and witty hero-to-hero moments.  The interplay of the romance allows for characters that seek maturity, and watching the characters find excitement in each other throughout the book is worth the angsty parts.  Mending Him was like dark chocolate: sweet enough to be a dessert, and bitter enough to

A post sure to annoy everyone

I was listening to an expert describe different types of rape, specifically date rape, and realized a situation she described happened twice to me. She called it date rape. Hearing what I lived through given that label felt nauseating but not for the reasons you'd think. Let's get down and dirty with my experiences. Or my memory of them. I didn't want to have sex but I liked the guy(s) and didn't really know how to say no (I sure as SHIT hope this doesn't happen as much these days. God, we were badly educated--and I'm talking about the men, too, so don't get all Like That.) Anyway I went along with these events. One turned out not so bad--although the sex wasn't on my agenda and he didn't do much for me. I was unenthusiastic and said, maybe we shouldn't do this. It wasn't a no. It was a meh.  He didn't hear me. He was really turned on and not listening. I'm sure absolutely sure , if I'd pushed him, hit him, yelled at him

Horror Story

Her baby was gone. She woke up alone, in the dark, and reached for the comforting, sleeping shape of her baby but it was gone.  She wanted to cry out but something had been jammed down her throat, cold and plastic. A tube, right, right …this was the hospital. They did that in hospitals, but she had to talk, to tell someone, the baby was more important than comfort. She reached for her face and the tube blocking her throat.   Pain then more tubes moved with her hand. Awful pinching, and pulling tubes she plucked at them. The baby—she could hear it crying.  Help me. The scream didn’t come to her mouth. She wasn’t strong enough to get the wretched thing from her throat which ached with plastic and tears. She passed out.  When she woke, she didn’t remember the baby immediately and when she did she wondered how she could have forgotten. Perhaps there’d been drugs. Had they moved her from a place she’d been comfortable, hoping she’d forget. Why was she here and in so muc

weird book

I'm listening to Frances Hodgson Burnett's The Lost Prince and it's a funky book that didn't age well, not like her other books. Written just before WW1 it has a strange kind of worshipful attitude about righteous war and royal blood. There's a whacko religious feel to it, pseudo-zen stuff. Also odd? There is no mention of the two kids' mothers. Not so much as A  Word. These two kids are only products of their fathers....and the Princely One is exactly image of his father who's the exact image of an ancestor who died 500 years earlier. I can tell she was writing for boys who have no interest in female events but still, you'd think there'd be a passing remark, like 'golly, wish your mom could see you now!' And the only attractive female in it is an evil spy. I'm not at the end so maybe a woman will jump up and say, "yo, hey! Here I am, your mother whom you've never even given a passing thought to!" There's a homoer

that time a strange black man accosted me

I was shoveling snow and the stranger, a big guy, tapped me on the shoulder and scared the crap out of me. I was out of breath and hadn't been paying attention to my surroundings. "Give me that shovel," he demanded. I tried to argue with him, but no. "Humor me.  No way I can stand by and watch you do that." He grabbed the shovel--I think he pulled it from my hands--and finished uncovering our walk, the sidewalk in front of the house, and the car. It took a while because there was a lot of snow. When he was done, he handed back the shovel and walked off without another word. I was nine months pregnant at the time and trying to get that baby out. I felt was a total hormonal mess of resentment and gratitude. I never saw him again.


back to promo. And look! You can win prizes. From the GeminiGirls: 3 days of our favourite M/M Romance authors, with reviews, interviews and of course, giveaways. Bonnie's interview! Summer speaks!

echo chamber

I realized today why I don't blog here--nothing to do with the fact that no one comments. I never did this blog for the comments...I usually did it to avoid work or to air my opinions. I'm tarred of opinions. I'm tarred of comments and people being tarred of things, sick and tarred. Tarred, tarred, tarred. Internet burnout. That includes my own opinions, as it turns out. I keep starting to write things and then stop because hey If I don't care what I think, why would anyone else? spoiler: no one, except molly the dog who waggles her big ears and stares deep into my eyes every time I say a word. And that's freaky after a while. My response isn't 11 on the  scale of screamingly negative, more meh... Definitely not HEY NO BLEH. because HEY NO BLEH shows up on the comment thread on any article in any part of the internet and I wish to avoid that. HEY NO BLEH is a kick or a slap because people are wrong or you think they're wrong or they are mean or they

one of those people

you know the ones who only use their blog to do promo? I didn't want to be one of those people. At the moment I am. Here's an article I wrote. Go comment. Thank you.  Please, please I'm feeling slightly desperate about it, of course. Most promo puts me in a fingers trembling, head sweating sort of a mood. It's probably training. But the fact is so many promotional efforts do not work and they don't work right out in public. Of course the fact that Mr. and Mrs. Q** Public are watching porny fun and not paying attention should made the whole thing less painful, because it's a nice quiet failure. Somehow that never makes one feel better. ** Stands for Quigley. I'm not sure why or how, but that's what they said.

New Book Release Week events

First up:  the nice reviews which I may or may not have shown you, but here we are again because I love them so much. HERE'S a good review (I plan on memorizing for those off days) mmgoodbookreviews AND here AND here: HEY! HERE IS A GIVE AWAY -- win a copy here: And the blog tour continues with a lovely bunch of antique filthy words here. Lots of naked people at the cupoporn site. There's this article about shape-shifter tropes I enjoy and play with at Boys in Our books blog And FINALLY another giveway today at cup-o-porn Happy New Book Week to Me!! And don't forget, until July 15, Predator's Passion (the first book set in this alternate world) is only 99 cents.

Happy release day to me!

Revealing the Beast is out today! Desire that runs deeper than blood… Solitary Shifters, Book 2 Colt Easton is easygoing, fun loving, good with little kids…and he occasionally turns into a beast capable of ripping out a man’s throat. It’s a family secret he’d be more than happy to keep—if there wasn’t a little boy’s life at stake. A deathbed confession revealed the child could carry Easton blood. The only way Colt can monitor the boy is with a job at his day-care center. The problem? New laws decree that all shifters be tagged. No blood test, no job. Dr. Jasper Glen is instantly drawn to the outgoing Colt and is certain any child would be safe in the handsome shifter’s care. He ought to know—he’s been studying shifters for years, even invented the blood test that now, to his shame, the government is using against them. All it takes is a quick vial switch. Except Jasper’s good deed blows the lid off a secret he didn’t even know he was keeping. And triggers a chai

C3 likes big black tails

  chickens going about job of pecking, scratching wait, hold on, there's something C3 adores different angle because different incident. Happens A LOT several seconds later, old dog gets up and moves This is what happens every time the dog lies down. C3 spots the dog and comes over. Why? Because she adores the dog's tail. It's all fine until she starts trying to remove individual hairs.  Dog is sad I don't leave them loose and alone together No, really, it's okay because the dog is in love too. She's fascinated by C3 and her sisters. The dog is so captivated, she drools as she watches them. I used to suppose that if I did leave them alone, I'd come back to find a pile of feathers and a burping dog. Now I'm not as sure. C3 might have intimidated the dog with her tail-lovin' ways.