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a contest to celebrate Summer's new book

Why? Because I always have contests with new books. Why? Because people tell me they like contests. Why? Because . . . because I LIKE CONTESTS dang it. Seriously, just like always, this is easy to enter. 1 . Simply announce on twitter that Summer has a new book out (and don't forget to let @kate_rothwell know so she'll enter you into the contest. 2.   Fan Summer's facebook page . 3 . Comment on any entry in this blog, (just be sure to point out that you're entering the contest). ~OR~ 4. Sign up for the newsletter -- the form is off on the right side. It's a spam-free newsletter. I don't give away your address and you only hear from me when I have a new book. If you do all four, you end up with four entries. EEEEZEEEEE! So many ways to enter. You might as well, right?

Happy Release Day to Me!!

Summer has an m/m out today at Samhain. Yay! And it's gotten two good reviews. Yay! 4.75/5 stars at Jessewave  "A deliciously light-hearted story about an unusual shapeshifter and his unlikely lover.... This was a refreshing change from the usual shifter fare, and not only for the fact that Jake turned into something a lot more original than a wolf, and there wasn’t a fated mate in sight. "Plus, no one growled “mine” during sex, another nice bonus point. "Instead, I got a wonderful pairing of tall, dark and silent with bright, vivid and chatty.  Flintstone and spark. Rock and wind. Jake and Vaughn complement each other beautifully, even though it takes both of them a while to see that, and I had a great time being a fly on their wall. Warmly recommended."  -- Feliz at goodreads :   "I really enjoyed the two MCs. And since I'm a sucker for animals, I loved the setting of the Ark (an animal shelter). The UST/sparks were flying betwe

all dressed up and nowhere to go

I have this wicked cool graphic that Angela Waters made for me, but I don't know where to put it. An ad? I haven't advertised in forever (I didn't see much of a change in my numbers when I bought ads) but maybe I should buy an ad just to get the gif out there. Two more days until the book releases. The title still makes me snicker, thanks to Mike. Hey, come on--easily amused is a feature.

you can still vote for me.

  Of course you have to slog through hundreds of categories and thousands of names, but I am there. Best Author (in the "Local People" category.) I'll buy you a cup of coffee if you do.  Voting ends March 4.


Her Royal Spyness = fun. I bought an audiobooks copy when it was on sale and it's my favorite listen of the year so far. No, wait, Ivan Vorpatril's book is. Back to HRS, there was mention of someone calling 999 and I got all hot and bothered. The book is set in 1932 and surely that number hasn't been around for long. Turns out it was first in use in 1937. So a slight anachronism, but not off by decades as I'd imagined. The voice is dry and funny (and the reader is excellent). I long ran out of P.G. Wodehouses so maybe that's why I wanted something full of upper-class twits and characters with names like "Binky" and "Wiffy." She does go on about her royal blood and I imagine it's not something someone born into that world would mention or think about much. It reminded me of how Susan in the Spenser books goes on about having graduated from Harvard. Mike went there for grad school (like Susan) and years and years go by without a peep abou

snow fell

The crap car from above, with its upraised windshield wipers showing. And the crap car from the side during dig-out operations. All cars are now out of the snow. The roads are still nasty. The snow is still piled. Life is almost back to normal now. We got anywhere from 24-30 inches depending on who you ask. Considering how ill-equipped we are for this much snow ("we" in this case being the state, the city, the people in this house) the clean-up is pretty good. Lots of whining continues, but the snow fell less than a week ago. A LOT OF SNOW FELL DOWN AND IS STILL ON THE GROUND. seems to be the big topic. Followed by WHY HAVEN'T YOU MADE IT ALL BETTER YET? We're about bored with that topic, so I figured I better post something before it went away, because hey, it was a lot of snow. Even the big dog (75 lb) can't seem to make it over the drifts. The little dog doesn't have a chance. Not sure what the next big subject will be. Here in the house it'll

git off my lawn SBD

The light at the end of the tunnel, the end of the winter's march over the mountain: I'm on my last Rita book. It's clear to me that I'm STILL in a foul mood** and one of the first indications was that I couldn't find a single book beyond meh in my pile. Eight books and nothing that grabbed? Not SOP for me. This last book is perhaps the best, but I'm still skipping through chunks. It, like most of the eight, has features I dislike in stories, as in if I picked it up at a store, I'd put it right back on the bookshelf again. But those features are personal preference and I do think a judge is obliged to ignore anything she can. On various loops, people argue that if you hate a secret baby book and get one in the contest, you're allowed to take off points. I say nope, no way. Nuh uh. A judge and a reviewer are two different animals. Tangent time: If we were judging in the 80s when books were full of rapey heroes, would you take off points for that? I&