not too much of a good thing

There are some authors one should only read a book then take a break. No glomming for them. Right now I'm letting myself listen to my every-couple-of-months Carl Hiassen.

His basic characters and his plots are repeats but I love them so much, I don't mind. I did the mistake of reading a couple in a row and getting annoyed by the repetition factor.

But after a while I want to go back. I love the nasty pasty city villains, the crazy bad guys--especially the ones that are redeemed. And the crazies who're hanging around the everglades. In the familiar mix there is always something new and interesting--and usually something so funny I'll laugh enough to wake up the dog.


  1. I have a Carl Hiaasen book somewhere in my TBR. Must pull it out!

  2. I hope you like your humor broad and obvious.

  3. I've only read his kids' books, which are pretty good, especially Hoot. But I can see how there, too, he's got his thing and he kind of does it over again.


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