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no . . . more . . . turkey.

Seriously. No. Soup, sandwiches, pizza topping, tetrazzini, I think I'm putting the rest of the carcass in the freezer and using it for dog reward treats. I read somewhere that Americans waste 20% of their food. I'm guessing about 5% of that is after-holidays turkey meat. Poor murdered birds--we should at least be willing to eat all every scrap to honor its sacrifice. We're not.

This needs reviews. Want a free copy?

Let me know and I'll send you an ebook. It's selling well enough, and a couple of people who didn't have to say anything have said they like it (including Valerie Parv , which made my day, thankyouverymuch ) but I need some stars.** I'd prefer a bunch of them, but I don't have enough cash to bribe you for them. I do have cookies. AND A FREE BOOK. Seriously--let me know at katerothwell at gmail dot com.  ** and here's another thing: If I send you a copy and you hate the book, or don't finish the book, or feel awkward about writing a review, I get it. I've been there. It's fine.

And I did appreciate it at the time.

See? I did like Christmas with my boys. and I'm not always a grouch about it.  I even have pictures of me and my guys to prove it. Check out my hair. Wow. And the vest.  Of course Christmas nightmares are tough. . .
Holiday, jolly holiday. the trouble is most of the counterbalance to the usual stuff-- ( memories of people who died years ago touching off seasonal mourning? not enough sunshine? unfulfilled expectations? misunderstood words? ignored words? old and new resentment? too much work? not enough? too many people around? too lonely? too many invitations? none not enough money to enjoy the holidays? cold? dark?) --is produced by the industries that want you to shut up and buy buy buy. (does anyone else remember that spray painted slogan on the bridge over the Charles River?) Personal honest sweetness is hard to separate from the manufactured treacle. And everything is coated with an air of desperation. Hey, come on, a bit of treacle is fine, but it's released this time of year with subtlety and volume of a fire hose. Happy Holidays is a command to get with the program. Good thing there aren't holiday police out there. I swear I really am fine. I was listening to online peopl

Only one more day to go on this one.

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Really? That's an interesting hobby you got there

I still don't have a strong opinion about Censorship vs Freedom at Goodreads. GR can do what they want and people can get mad about it. I get both sides. But what I don't get, once again, is why anyone would want to wallow in Kerfuffle crap.  This started when I noticed someone gave most of my books one star ratings. She does that a lot. Thousands of reviews, 1.6 average rating.  I figure either she's a truly unhappy reader with lots of money to burn or she reads a lot of first chapters and then rates them accordingly.  That's cool. That's what goodreads is for--to keep track of the books you've read, you want to read, and you wouldn't touch with a ten foot pole. Though, really? You have to do that? Rate every single book by an author with one star? the author whines.   Eh, okay. Your account, your life. Other theories I've seen for the chronic one star reviewer is that they're jealous wannabe writers, but that seems more like wishful thinking

Obvious List

I was thinking about the minimum a person needs to remain a social being connected to the world.    You think maybe I need some credentials for making this list in a This Is Absolutely True Don't Argue With Me manner? Okay--I've been human a bunch of years. Credential that, buddy. Also, see "Obvious."  Then why bother writing it down? is your next question. I'm ignoring you now. Rudesby. My List: 1. To be desirable. Usually seems to be sexual, but it's not the only boat on that lake. Desiring your company, desiring your feedback--that might be all you get. A hello smile of a greeting that lasts longer than an inhalation and exhalation when you walk into a room--a greeting composed of real pleasure to see you . That might be it. That might be enough. Maybe even an exchange on the internet will do it. 2. To be heard. Minimum=a small moment of exchanged greetings. When someone asks "how're you" and you say "not so good" their "

did I ever show you the final cover?

Here's the cover! Clarissa Yeo did it. She was fast and easy to communicate with. She managed to make an unwieldy title look good--got to love that ampersand. AND she's only 19! I highly recommend her. I think she must be superbusy though because she's not accepting custom jobs at the moment. Anyway... In case you missed it, here's a link to buy the book. 

A brand new historical by Kate Rothwell

Hey! LOOK! The Earl, a Girl, and a Promise is available now! When a nearly naked woman crashes into his arms, Paul, the new Earl of Latterly, knows he’s left his monk-like world behind. Raised apart from females by his misogynist father, Paul hardly knows how to speak with the delightful girl who’s dashed out of the dance hall. But in a single night’s tryst, they discover a passion he’s long denied himself. Yet to his dismay, he learns Emma is the adopted sister of the very man he seeks. The true heir to the earldom, Paul’s ne’er-do-well cousin. Although she’s tried to escape her free-loving mother’s reputation, Emma consents to one night of lust…for a price. But as her heart falls for the stranger, she forgoes payment and flees into the night. Only to find Paul on her doorstep again, seeking her brother. And offering an inheritance that will change her family’s lives forever. Her rapscallion brother needs training to blend with the ton, and Paul needs E

I'm not ignoring you

First of all, Love Between the Lines is free for the rest of today. TODAY only! You can go grab a copy, read it this weekend, and then give it a five star review--and still have time to rake the leaves. Since I'm asking you to do me a favor, then maybe I should go rake your leaves while you read the book. I made it free because I can. I'm about to take it off KDP Select and why not go for that last feature? This is nice: a bunch of people took the time to offer their opinions on my cover. Thank you, people! For some reason I can't seem to use my comments to say thank you in the post below. Maybe everyone is being blocked from google plus and the stupid program will finally peter out. The thing could use a wooden stake through its heart. In other news, I'm going to go watch my kid be Hamlet tomorrow. I'm overly impressed that he is playing Hamlet. Even if he does the whole production wearing a horse mask and saying the lines backwards, I will be impressed beca

A NEW COVER....but which one? Help!

 I have to pick and I don't know which one is more appealing. I went to art school (hard to believe, I know) and it destroyed all ability to know what I like. Over the years, I've also lost what art is. But that's another whine for another day. The question is important! Pick one, damn it!  Which cover do you prefer? cover one, all sepia or cover two, a mix of sepia and blue-ishness.