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Yes. This picture will some day be seen as important/iconical as that end of WW2 picture of the sailor in Times Square kissing the nurse. It makes me all happy to see it. The guys are lovely; the moment entirely sweet. And anyone who could loathe same-sex love after seeing this is surely not entirely human. But But Listen. It's only because I saw the photos on the same day. Yeah, that's why these two photos are linked in my brain. Now they're linked in yours too. No need to thank me.


1. That Eloisa James can write. I still have a couple of RITA books to go, but needed a break so I listened to a couple of books, and they are. 2. Story of Forgetting . I'd  forgotten how cool it is when a book sticks around after you've read it, but really, I'd like to erase the after-effects of this one The Story of Forgetting was one of my favorite reads in a while, and I've read a whole lot of books (although the ending wasn't as good as the rest) but I'd rather forget about dementia, thanks. Death and decay (before and after death) is inevitable and a little memento mori is fine--but too much isn't conducive to getting on with life. The kid in the book grows obsessed with the disease but he doesn't take the test to see if he has early onset Alzheimer's and so that's sort of the same thing. He gets on with life. I need more coffee because this doesn't make any sense. Uh oh. Maybe I've got some of the first signs of ga-ga-dom.**

A binge of releases **

Want to know when my books are out this year? Tough, I'm going to tell you anyway. And you'll be exhausted, because God knows I am: December ( Unnatural Calamities ) January ( Psychic and Spy ) February ( Thank You Mrs M ) March ( Her Outlandish Stranger ) and April ( Serious Play ) That's it. No more books scheduled, ever after that--I'm still writing but nothing else is bought. I think if I was more in charge of the universe, I would have spread these puppies out a bit. My fault though. I should have said something. Have I shown you March's cover yet? Hey, yo, it's okay! The heroine is a young, fairly proper Englishwoman so that's a bit off. He's fine, yup. But hmm. He looked sort of familiar to me. Hmmm. HMmMM. Okay, so I think he looks a bit like a young, blond John Travolta. __________ ** what would you call a group of releases? Obviously a herd of books would be a " shelf of books " But releases seem m

today is SBD

but I'm still reading RITA books and not Doug Hoffman's story. After yesterday's rant and outrage and today's blue screen o' death that killed about 1K of a story, I'm not feeling it. Someone asked about the lil tabs. They are the standard things you hear everywhere: "A brisk walk? Probably Avoidance" "chocolate might probably will work" "scented candles? don't make me laff" and "motivation, not muse. Get to work and stop whining"  "kick in pants? Might work" Missing from the list:  music, a hot bath and getting off the internet.  Although the whole thing is hard to read Lost Motivation, reward offered, please don't keep if you find MY motivation, take your own... ha. ha. ha. . . . Okay, well, um yeah. I have to go reconstruct the scene in the police station. A few threats of violence will do us all good.

Seriously, Amazon?

My book, Someone To Cherish , has been stolen. The whole thing was copied and pasted and republished as Bad Luck Love's [sic] Me . This isn't the first time I've heard about plagiarized material showing up for sale on Amazon. The last time I saw it, though, the books had been taken from Literotica. This time the books are taken directly from Amazon . So why didn't the stolen manuscript trigger some kind of alert before it got published? Lori Devoti spent a while this afternoon tracking down and finding the other authors who had books stolen by the people who took my book. Not hard--she found a few in less than an hour. So why the hell didn't Amazon? I contacted them hours ago. Why haven't they done anything yet--like maybe, answer my emails? Lots of people have pointed out that that "author" has stolen a bunch of books. Why hasn't Amazon taken down the books' buy buttons? I suppose making people push that little button that says "


Patricia Briggs and Kim Harrison both have books out over the next few weeks. Here's what's unfair: everyone seems to have gotten copies of these books--everyone but ME. Maybe I should make this blog more about other people's books again, just so I can beg early releases.

promo and other stuff

Let's get the promo out of the way. The SAMMIES are happening and my Summer Devon book, Unnatural Calamities , is up for best ebook cover and best ebook. You should vote for here: THE VOTING LINK! There are a lot of really good books up on that list. I had a hard time deciding who else to vote for. But I did pick Sandy Blair because she's a sweetie-pie. Too many great books to choose so I went with the fabu one by the doll-faced sweetie-pie.  In other news: my book that I tried to make free with a coupon is now just plain free . Here's the link at Smashwords .  It's over at All Romance Ebooks too, but it's not free at Amazon yet. Why am I making it free? Because the newsletter I wrote turned into so much gibberish that the special code to make it free was gone. Also because I'm following the herd. Everyone seems to make books free and just as the books are catching on, they zip over and jack up the price to a buck or so. This ebook world is one wild and w

hey LOOK! Another book by me!

Actually this is sort of cheating because it's a re-release. But because fewer than 100 people read it the first time out, this might as well be a new book, yeah? Here it is at Smashwords and for a short time, you can get it free there. Just use the code SP63J and get 100% rebate. it got good reviews:   4.5 stars! This is a sweet, funny and emotional tale. This modern take on Daddy-Long-Legs, by Jean Webster, has wonderful, fully developed characters... This incredible story will appeal to adult as well as young readers. -- Romantic Times Thank You, Mrs. M. is a wonderful read...This is a poignant and enjoyable read. -- Night Owl Reviews  I wasn't the only one telling a story. Anonymous Mrs. Moneybags tried to hide from me. Too bad I'm smart, Mrs. M, and I got you figured. But know what? I can keep your secrets. You and me--we made it work. Benjamin Evans takes charge of his younger siblings, but still finds time for college--especially after he re