stuff and maybe an SBD

I'm trying NOT TO COUGH, okay? but it's not working, so just stop glaring at me. I learned how to do the int0-the-elbow thing when my kid was in preschool and I'm good at it.

I n other coughing news, the cheratussin ac is evil tasting. My chest hurts.

and that's the extent of my complaints, which is pretty good for a Complaint Queen such as myself. Because coughing, while it is monotonous and keeps one from sleeping, isn't in the same league as stomach stuff on the pain and suffering index.

And I just got a dash of perspective. My P&S index seems pretty minor compared to these people. I was looking up the cough syrup to see if I could add on other meds and found that loop where they discussing getting high or coming off a high using cough syrup. Call me old fashioned, but what's wrong with alcohol if you want a little drug abuse? It has to taste better than cough medicine. Or is there some kind of addiction thing going on?

And hey I got to ask after reading that loop (and another, actually): how can anyone despise these people? They're abusing the drugs, and their bodies, not to mention discussing it on the internet--all of which seems fairly stupid--but why is that worthy of loathing?

Those gazillion PSAs we watched as kids have had their effect. Except instead of fearing the drugs we're all in a hizzy about the people who use them.

* * * *

Ok. So far no SBD. But the fact is I'm not reading the new and coming authors these days (as in the last couple of weeks) because I've gone into one of my least favorite state of beingsess, the temporary Envy Pit. You know you get there, too, writers. Unless of course you're chugging along nicely on your career track, it's almost inevitable. Or I bet you could avoid it if you have Jennifer Louden in your brain.

Just like any envy or hatred this particular pit is way worse for the person experiencing it than the peeps who're the target. Because, damn, I'm not reading any new good books while I'm here.

If affirmations worked for me, I'd be in front of the mirror doing them, anything to climb out of the envy pit faster because, yo, I love reading those fucking "fresh new voices".

Luckily this is a BTDT thing. It's only temporary. Even if the career plummets off a cliff, I'm not going to give up fresh new voices for long.


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