Oh. My. God.
The car is ours.

The good news the "revolver" listed is a bike rack and not an actual gun....for my husband's sake.

He's looking up blue book value. $350 trade in. WOOT! But once the oldest son and his friends get finished painting it, this vehicle will be worth a great deal more.

UPDATE: And the more I read about the Weeks family, their boys and the charity, the better I feel about this business.

I was feeling slightly miffed at this whole thing--there are only so many times I can be called a doot brain*** before I start to sulk--when I read about the Weeks's loss. Whining seems beside the point. Especially with that that additional why-are-you-discontent----you-still-have-your-boys factor. (Linton and Jan Weeks strike me as too generous to want any other parent of boys to feel slightly guilty. That sort of response just comes along naturally).


*** I'd say the doot-brain name-calling is pretty evenly divided between Mike and me.


  1. That's kind of cool, you have another car. How much did it end up costing?

  2. you can see it at the listing in the previous entry. ONLY about 2x its value.

  3. TWM reader9:46 AM

    At least you get to have lunch with Gene. And it is for a wonderful cause. You'll most likely get in one of his columns as well. :-)


  4. True, and I do love that Weingarten!

    Except my brother will be the one who gets to eat lunch with Gene. I'll nag him to take pix

  5. You're a champ for taking one for the team. Get Gene to include you (& your smut) in an article he writes and it will all be worth it...


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