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I'm here, doing nanowrimo at La Paloma. There are about ten of us sitting around in a pleasant coffee house, typing on computers, writing in notebooks. It's very quiet. Shhhh.

So why am I blathering on twitter and in my blog? No clue.

I think I'll plan Thanksgiving dinner, except, naw. If I get too funky with that, the traditionalists will be crushed and angry. Turkey, and everything I always make, including the sacrificial turnips and brussel sprouts.

Okay, maybe I could balance my checkbook.

Or curl up on this comfy couch and fall asleep. Or do useless research on the the origin of color names because of Doug. Or go buy coffee from Helder. Or design a page for the getting the book done group because Meetup, bless its easy-to-use self, costs too much. Or go home and harass my family.

This laziness is so not my fault. Someone needs to give me a deadline and apparently nanowrimo doesn't cut it.

Speaking of deadlines....segue alert! segue alert! whoopwhoopwhoop.....I just had a look at the line-edits done by someone at Loose-Id for the m/m historical Bonnie Dee and I wrote. The editor gave the manuscript a careful check for anachronistic words. Oh, yes. Nice. I like love that in a publisher.

I can't wait to get our second edited manuscript to play with and fix per the editor's instructions. That's what I'm in a mood for. None of this out of thin air thing.


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