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why, hello.....

I'm sulking because I'm not going to RT but the reason I'm sulking has little to do with drinks or cover models or sessions to learn about craft.*** No, my sulk is sillier and more selfish than that. I'm in a snit because the party goes on with out me. No one is wearing black armbands because Kate's not there. My name shouldn't come up except with maybe one of those "where is she now?" things. Those sorts of snits are just useless. I used to say to my family "have fun, but not too much fun." when they went out without me. I wanted to be essential to any one's good time. I didn't want to miss a thing, but more than that I wanted to be missed. (I stopped saying that as soon as I figured out that one of my kids felt sort of guilty having a good time without me. Whoops.) But really, I can't be blamed for feeling too dispensable, because the internet has turned us all into snowflakes. Tender lil snowflakes that come fast and go fa

grumbly lack of SBD

I'd post a review of this Iris Johansen book but I'm too grouchy. I checked amazon and saw that other people who've read the book grouse about the over-fiesty heroine, but she was all right. Tough doesn't bother me. Other readers complain that she and the hero do a lot of bickering. Hey, yeah, didn't feel like sexy tension, but, still, that didn't get on my last nerve. The plot was all right. It's that INFO-DUMPING dialogue--"How can I be happy with my wife and two young children when you're still depressed about your divorce."...."You feel awful but it's not as bad as when you lost your son five years ago." That's what made me crazy. Pages and pages of it made me want to scream how come they can write that horrendous dialogue and still sell books? See? Too grouchy. I took it personally because I just got a couple of rejections and my attitude was unprofessional enough to begin with. And I'd post a review about Sh

reboot REBOOOT

I can't be bothered to post all those great reviews? The ones from Mrs Giggles, Speaks its name, and a few others -- so you can all see how great I am (correction: how great Bonnie and I are together). But it turns out, no, these glowing reviews are not being reposted. It's not happening. What a slacker I am! Hey, but listen, the computer is trying to kill itself so I have to be careful with my time on here. The once perfect Toshiba tries to turn itself off often every few hours, and sometimes it succeeds Then after it tells me it's a dumped its memory, it takes forever to reboot. And as soon as windows shows up, again, I have to quickly jump over to see what twitter and facebook peeps have to say. And then I have to go dredge up my latest copy of whatever document was open at the time. And then I have to spend about ten minutes cursing because I've lost a chunk of work. AND then more fishing around to see if I can get a more recent version. I never can. But because

I want to see the spammer's hand book

Crystal sexy lingerie, who told you it was a good idea to post 18 comments saying the same thing over and over and over in a blog? And why, if you're going to do that, do you post in the same post over and over and over when you're the only poster? Yeah, really---why in god's name do you do it in a thread where you're the only commenter? I mean it sort of makes sense when there's other people babbling and a spammer add his worthless crap. At least everyone who signed on to see additional comments will see the links. The only person reading this stuff is me. And you must know you're simply annoying me. I'm more likely to click on that " make youre dick a rocktblastter to satisfly her nw !" email than this stuff you're inserting here. Boring. At least your crap is in the same language as the blog. Most of the spam with links I get here are in Chinese. There are a few in Russian. I figure those are some kind of spy system, a way to communicate

Time again to preen

A woman could get used to this. Yessirree. Bonnie has yet another cowritten book out today, so she's moved along to promoting that one (she wrote it with Marie Treanor, who's another autobuy author for me.** It's a retelling of Rumpelstiltskin . ) I don't have any releases of any sort lined up so I'm still hunting around for reviews of our last one, The Gentleman and the Rogue . They're nearly all thumbs up. The other nice thing? There are a lot of these "this is a fabu book!" reviews. I have to get ready for work, so later on I'll add more. But for now, here are a couple reviews of TGaTR: 5 out of 5 stars To say I enjoyed every moment of this story is putting it mildly. The authors have to be congratulated in bringing to life some wonderfully drawn characters and vividly recalling a time in London's history with atmospheric authenticity. The blurb gives the bare bones of the story, and doesn't sound too exciting or different,

one week later

A week? Why didn't I post during the whole week? Nothing to say hasn't ever slowed me down. Maybe it's because I don't visit other blogs much and so don't get inspired. But now it's SBD and I have to report in. Reading this week was almost all Books on Tape. That's so I can multi-task---I can't just sit around and read a book. I have to do other stuff, like ummm.....ummmmmmm....clean the house? Naw. Cook? Sometimes. Wander aimlessly around the house? Frequently. I listened to a Victoria Dahl contemporary that was, eh, okay. Actually it was good enough, and it made me curious enough that I bought the next in the series (this one for the Kindle) and this book I seriously enjoyed. The main character, Jane, was way too obsessed with her good girl image, but I believed her thinking and her reasons why she clung to her image, even when I got annoyed with her dumping The Perfect Guy over and over, ostensibly because he had *gasp* tattoos and steel toed boot

SBD Julie and Romeo again

I got the first book from the library and now I have the second. All the things I liked about the first are here. Great voice and humor, sweet but not too winsome. Just enough gentle snark to work without being over-the-top New York nasty. Kind of chick lit for older women. I love Jeanne Ray and wish she had more books out. BUT there's just one tiny thing wrong and it's like a sore toe--ruins the walk. The older daughter is essentially rotten to Julie and the younger one isn't a lot better. I don't mean they steal her car or take money from her wallet. I mean the way they talk to her. And then the other generation isn't doing so great either. The granddaughter runs the show. Get that girl some earphones, for God's sake. And professional help. Since we're talking about me me me (see basic blog philosophy: it's all about the blogger ) I know to an outsider (or some outsiders) what I let my kids get away with would make those outsiders' teeth hurt,

bah, hum...oh, never mind

I did not like April Fool's day for two reasons: I'm extremely gullible and I have boy children. This means I end up feeling like the perpetually grumpy-because-of-constant-mockery Jamie on Mythbusters. Just because it's easy to do, doesn't mean you should do it over and over and over, boys. Except every April first for the last few years there have been fine contributions to the holiday culture by GOOGLE and SMART BITCHES (along with fellow smartassbitch, dearauthor) This means that now I have to love it. and hey, lookit! Mrs. Giggles gave our book an 89!! Yay!*** add in a lot of sunshine today and my personal case of curmudgeonitude is pretty thoroughly quashed. ______ ***note, we did not have to pay her $9.99 for the review. or is that a $99.99 review? I don't know if it's a high B or low A.