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And I'd like to say no thank you to. . .

Hell. I've stopped writing again. :::Glares around Borders cafe.:::: Which one of you is responsible? Okay, I'll write my anti-dedication. You know how there are acknowledgments in the front of books? This is what's not going in the front of my non-book because it's just not happening. To Borders, for getting the stupid internet in for all of us. Used to be we had to pay and nooooo now it's free. Damn it, twitter is more fun than this plot. To my crit partners for not putting more pressure on me. Sure, it's not really your job, but you don't think I want to take full blame for this? To SEP for writing books I can't put down so I can't write my own. To the Zen corporation for making relatively cheap players so I listen to other people's books instead of my own. Did I miss anyone? Oh, to my husband for making me have his three kids who have consistently been more fun and trouble than any book extant. I love you. Now go away, all four of you.....


This Nance book has the phrase "okay folks" every other paragraph. The characters are thinner than Flat Stanley, the situation more preposterous than a SyFy production. I'm so glad it's almost over. But, see, that's the problem--I can't stop listening. At least with Connelly, the writing is smooth and pleasant. That "trapped by the plot" thing doesn't happen with romances. When the writing is crappy and the characters stupid I put the it down. Mysteries, thrillers etc can get away with all sorts of crimes against writing just because of that pesky plot business. Even the over the top silly plot seems to be grabbing me these days. In other news, bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz, it's still vuvuzela time.

beyond Fuck 'Em to let's talk about the weather.

I went with chicken breasts because yeah, as Els pointed out. LUNCH meat. I had a "what about that weather" response to a letter I got from someone I know. She told me what a good writer I was back in the day, but she really doesn't like what I'm writing now. There is no value in m/m smut. I started writing a long polite note in response, because her note was polite and she clearly spent time worrying about it. I talked about the way my interests had changed, blah, blah, blah. Sometime in the middle of writing that email, I hit that sweet spot that I've had before and that I really love. . . . Indifference. I'm feeling it a lot these days and I do think it works for me. I deleted all the explanation and started again with "nice to hear from you," and took it from there with only a "sorry you don't like my latest stuff." See? I had the truly ideal response. Way better than "fuck 'em if they can't take a joke" it&

oh, woe.

It doesn't seem fair that they can edit out the vuvuzelas during the replays. We have a divided household. Boy against boy. Brother fighting brother. Vuvuzela worshipper vs. Vuvuzela hater. Also I don't know if I should buy chicken breasts or lunch meat for dinner. And I keep starting sentences with And Also But and should be fined for this bad habit. And then there are the people who are offended by this and the rest of us who think it's pretty funny because we have heard the phrase "Grammar Nazi" a lot . often. UPDATE: Seriously we need milk and I can't seem to get going because the whole BREAST vs. LUNCH MEAT controversy remains and will come to a head once I make it to Hall's Market. This is all too much to face on top of the vuvuzela debate. I'm going to go read more Harry Bosch instead...I've used up all the Susan Elizabeth Phillips in the house. Rule one of reading SEP: don't go reading Mrs. Giggles reviews of it afterwards beca

very late sbd and nothing much around here

did you miss me? no? neither did I. I think about slipping off the blogskin and drifting away. It's all the rage, abandoning blogs, and god knows I want to be topical somewhere. But then I figure, eh, why make an official announcement? I do better with things that end with whimpers than bangs. And even a whimper is too official. Speaking of loneliness, an indifferent world and an impossible life mission, how's about those Michael Connelly/Harry Bosch books? My life task seems to be to plow through a bunch of them. That's what the library has available. Bosch is starting to feel less real, not more, the opposite of most characters in long term series books. I can't understand why that is. Anyone else ever read him? It's amazing how the first few books are already outdated by the lack of cell phones, the fact that he's a viet nam vet. I don't see the world moving along until I read a book set a decade or so ago. Hey, There was an announcement somewher

random AND trivial plus SBD later

I frequently complain because my kids lose garments--we don't have a single pair of gloves, just a lot of right and left unmatched items. But I swear, I'd pay someone to steal my youngest's Ugly Brown Thing, a sweatshirt jacket thing I got him last fall and, as far as I can tell, he hasn't taken off yet. Hot weather in the afternoon should mean he leaves it at school. This would require him to go to the lost and found, which he has never, ever done. If article of clothing is in there, I'm the one to fetch it. If and when he leaves it at school, I plan on leaving the brown thing to molder forever in the L'n'F. When the school delivers the box of lost and found to some charity, I suspect they'll burn the thing. No such luck yet. Each kid has (or has had) some item(s) of clothing that drives me crazy. Why should I care about what they wear? It's just not that important and I have zero fashion sense. But yes, I do, a lot. So it must have something


I swear my "write about marriage and risk losing yours" proposition is real. Here's another one! From wikipedia (okay, not a reliable source but so? Pay me to do real research. In the meantime, here's anecdotal evidence and wikipedia for you -- and you'll like it.): In 2001 the followup book The Rules for Marriage: Time-Tested Secrets for Making Your Marriage Work was released in the midst of Fein's legal separation from her husband. [ 6 ] . She subsequently divorced. .

unintentional bitch

I'm fairly certain I've turned into a terrible contest judge. For instance, an entry I gave a crappy score to just finalled--so there has to be something going on in there that I missed. Lately I think it's like a color blind person giving art critiques. Naw, that's not it exactly. I'm confident enough about my own tastes to know that I'm not wrong, per se, but the trouble is what I appreciate isn't popular. And since the whole point is to get popular ummmmmm....hello? I shouldn't offer my advice on anything but the grammar and the spellllling stuff and mebbe any details I find confusing. Instead I'm putting in too much of my instinctive response, which is a matter of pure opinion. Trouble is, the questions in most contests are geared to the judges' preferences and not the mechanics. I glanced at my crits in the last contest and I'm also getting less supportive. There's hardly any you go, girl! in what I write. Always some but not as