SBD sort of

For a moment I thought, OmG, I haven't read a book this week? Really?
AND I've never gone so long without reading a book.....

.... except yeah, I did read one. It was a PG Wodehouse first published in 1921. Not nearly as sappy as some of those early wodehouses. It did feature the brave young heroine. It was missing a lot of the comic bits and the voice isn't there yet.

On the other hand, it had schticks he might have cut in a later novel-- or maybe skipped over lightly. He tended to abbreviate scenes once he got more polished.

There's a longish bit where the heroine shows up as a penniless wretch at her dreary penny-pinching uncle's dreary house on Long Island. She starts out an honored guest and once the family figures out she has no money, she's gradually given jobs to do. The scenes where she and her dreary little cousin exchange looks as they're dragooned into jobs is pretty great.

Oh, and the theater language is fantastic. Silly, of course, and sappy. But fun.

I'd go look up the title but this SBD is hardly worth the effort. I'm glad I read the book. I'm glad it was free. I won't erase it from my Kindle because it's just the thing for the middle of the night again. Also. It has turn of the century New Yawk and I haven't given up on that place yet.


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