SBD and promo---but separate for once

I just finished listening to Neverwhere and I do like Gaiman's voice, but I'm not sure I loved the story. I think it would be better as a comic book--it would fit that format. And of course I mean a good comic book, although that's an unnecessary amendment. These days no one thinks that saying that writer's work should be in the comix is an insult.**

I thought that even before I (consciously, anyway) remembered that's what Gaiman's famous for. The story had a kind of "and then" feel to it, the down-the-rabbit hole-and-what-comes-next adventure feel. Not really a character driven thing, but that's the way that particular world worked.

Is that SBD enough to be considered an SBD? I want to stick to tradition. Dammit.

* * *

Mostly what I'm doing today is putting up excerpts in a yahoo group, sexydelights (sound like a kind of candy--something with nougat). I'll try to put up a link, but I'm having miserable luck with those. Just go to yahoo and find it there.

You should go join the group because that's where Marie Treanor hangs out. I joined so I could find out when she had releases.

and now I get to do promo there too--by special invitation, as the loop says. And if you join there, and join my mailing list, you might get win of my ebooks.

Hey, that email loop thing and the book give-away sounds familiar. . . . This again?

Yes. This. Again.


**and if comix can be redeemed then so can romance, eh?


  1. They did make Neverwhere into a comic book :-D Nicely done, too.

  2. OOOoo thanks. I might pay to read that.

    I'd love to see Islington and the second hand characters like the rat people.

  3. Anonymous7:43 PM

    It was actually a t.v. show before it was a book, so was definitely intended for a visual medium.

    -- willaful

  4. I've read a lot of Gaiman, and while I enjoy him, I think he's overrated. A little bit. He's ambitious, though, and I like him for that. I'd rather read a flawed masterpiece than perfect crap (surely I'm not the first person to say that?)


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