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why why why did the library get this book? and why why why did I start listening to it? why can't I stop? the most simplistic of the spenser testosterone myth stuff dumbed down to for kids. how is it that people can give romance the middle finger when there's this kind of stuff to moan about? fight fight pose pose hero hero etc Here's what I think: This is the xy equivalent of the xx of trashy romance. there, I admit it: there is such a thing as trashy romance...and I'm reading it all. xx xy allllwwwlllwlw.

uuuhhhhhhhhhhh Kate's moan of anguish. all that PLUS about ten mentions of susan's harvard phd education. **

the good news: it's short. why can't I stop? why? The description of the river is cool. the title is nice and fits...but. why? why? why? do I do it?

Speaking of romance, all the carrying on about White Collar's main lead is fun to see--swooning on twitter-- but what I like are the Relationships. The FBI guy and his wife is one of the best marriages out there in teeveeland, and although it would be nice if she had a life, it's not really about her. (though come to think of it, there is something about it. She's some kinda caterer or something? ) It's nice that she knows the cutieboy is hawt and she can look at him with googoo appreciative eyes but we know she'd never hurt her guy. The details--like the socks FBI guy wears because she gave them to him, the watch she gave and took back--make it lovely. And then there's the way the three interact, also fun.

**my husband has a harvard phd education--and get this--we manage to go YEARS without mentioning that fact to each other. These people can't get through a single conversation.


  1. You can always tell a Harvard man, but not much.

    Ha! That one always cracks me up.

    Go get Dexter by Design if you haven't already. It's a lot better than book 3, The Book That Shall Not Be Mentioned. Kind of drags unconscionably near the end, but it's still a worthy read.

    And if you haven't been paying attention to my blog -- CHARLIE HUSTON for the love of God.


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