reading some more

1. I think I lied when I said I wasn't going to do a Maisy Dobbs glom. There are habits I want broken--like I wish the characters didn't do that repeat a phrase thing and keep saying each other's names (eg "That they do, Billy, that they certainly do.") and honestly, Pilates? But I'm growing fonder of them, and that's a sign of danger ahead.

Growth and change in familiar characters is worse than salty nuts when it comes to that old addictive quality. I wonder when TPTB figured out that it can't all be same old, same old. We have a buncha Perry Masons on tape and there's no change or soap opera building from week to week. No way you could get away with that now. All those evil publishers/producers know about helpless readers/viewers trapped by helpless addiction to changing character arc.

2. Also more Wodehouse because they're all free on Kindle. Early Wodehouse is better than no Wodehouse.

3. Here's what I'm not going to read: Going Rogue, although I might pick up a copy of Going Rouge.

4. Also after all that it's the Best Thing Ever about Stieg Larssson might have ruined the book for me. The book was okay, pretty good, but BTE? Oh, I don't think so.

5. I just reread one of my own shorter stories (time to do a cover form) and, hey, I can write. Don't let them convince you otherwise.


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