she might have a point

Huh. This all seems familiar. I'd search for other times she's slapped me cross the face on this, but eh, living and learning is reserved for characters in books. We real types live, learn, forget, learn again, ignore, learn, learn, forget. What I really want is a good television show to watch and someone else to make dinner.

Published Friend: Why on earth do you want to advertise the fact that you're not getting sales?

me: Why not?

PF: It's a bad business decision. No one wants to be associated with a loser. No one wants to know what a loser has to say.

me: I didn't say I was a loser, I said I wasn't getting fabu sales. That's not the same thing. I didn't say anything about my writing. I like my writing.

PF: Your writing is fine. I'd buy it. But you know that sales of books is the one way the rest of the world can mark how well or how badly you're doing. It's a super-big-ass mistake to put out the fact that you're not selling books because you'll just sell FEWER books.

me: Well. I hope not. I mean I hope what I do or say won't affect my sales that much. Unless I murder nuns or something. Or save the world.

PF: Don't be so sure. You'll write this stuff on your blog and then you'll look for a new agent--

me: snickers.

PF: --You'll look for a new agent or maybe some editor you sub to will google you and find out you're whining about lack of sales and that is NOT going to endear her to you as someone to take a risk on. Idiot. Go back and delete that.

me: Eh. I'll just write a lot of new entries and hope that one gets pushed off the page.

PF: That's a dumb plan.

me: I'll go into a new profession. Pizza delivery person.

PF: That's an even dumber plan.

me: No blogging at all?

PF: That might be better. Not saying anything at all might be better than setting yourself up as a sad sack.

me: Hey come on. Maybe I can set myself up as an under-appreciated artist, how's that?

PF: rude noise.


  1. Hahaha- you had me busting a gut with this one. Your friend might be right but that conversation was comedy gold.


  2. Oh, this was delightful! Reminds me of all my posts about having such a hard time focusing... I'm sure my published friends roll their eyes over those...


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