Scenes from the life of the Overcommitted Teenager

Repeat daily for at least a week. Add dramatic symptoms of cold when needed.

me: Go to bed, it's midnight
kid: I can't. I have to finish this essay.


me: Go to bed, it's 1 am.
kid: I can't. I have to study for the test tomorrow.


me: Bed. It's 3. BED!
kid: All right, all right. Jeez.



me: Wake up, it's 6 am
kid: brrboidfhwl'sjghls


me: Wake up, it's 6:30 am
kid: zzzzzzzzzzzzzz


me: Wake up, it's 7. You missed the bus. I'll give you a ride to school. WAKE UP.
kid: All right, all right. Jeez.

me: Don't you mean thanks for the ride, mom?

kid: brrboidfhwl'sjghls ::hack::hack::

me: That's a nasty cough. Maybe you should stay home.
kid: I have two tests today ::hack:: ::hack:: and rehearsal and the play's next week ::hack:: ::hack:: I already missed most of a day and I can't miss any more. And I don't have a fever. ::hack:: ::hack::::choke:: gack::


  1. I have often noted that high school felt more stressful and busier than college... I think it still stands true.


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