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Happy release day to us!

It's a Samhain title, a m/f romance by Bonnie and Summer! Love is always in the last place you’d think to look.  Between her steady waitressing job and less-steady gigs designing websites, Ames Jensen is scraping together enough money to buy the old farmhouse that holds most of her most treasured childhood memories. When a complete stranger buys it right out from under her nose, she stomps over for a neighborly visit, prepared to dislike him on sight. Yet even after he nearly brains her with a shovel, she finds herself more attracted than alarmed. Falsely implicated for stealing from the Esposito crime family, Nick Ross is frantically in search of his supposed accomplice, Elliot Jensen, or at least the money and information the man took. Elliot’s hometown seems the perfect place to look—and the last place the Espositos will look for him . Elliot’s cute, vivacious sister is an unexpected mother lode of clues—and smoking-hot distraction. But when she d


This is the hand-out I didn't hand out (mostly because links work better online, right?). Keep in mind that I come from a romance writing/publishing background. I often talk to people who write other genres--I checked in with a few before I put together the presentation--but even those people concentrate on commercial fiction.  Sites I mentioned in the talk: Brenda Hiatt's show me the money . This is all about the romance genre. These are the writers who make money. Most people don't make a lot of money, not even multi-published, award-winning romance writers.* If you go with big or small publishers, you'll want to find out if people are happy with the agent or publisher you're interested in, and there are sites that will help you avoid trouble. Keep in mind these sites are often a bunch of individuals weighing in with personal experiences and some of them are cranks or don't know how the system works**. Also remember: happy people tend not to to look

talking tomorrow! it's helping me work! But not on the talk!

I'm going to the Mark Twain** House again and I'm doing an hour's presentation on the various sorts of Publishing Processes I Have Known. There's a link to the schedule ( looks like their blogspot is having the same trouble mine had before. An ad pops up every time you link to it. Delete that sociable feature and you're all set, Twain House people.) I think I can talk about that topic for about three hours without repeating information, but I haven't organized any of it. Instead I'm at long last editing a story that Toni L., the best proofreader ON THE PLANET, is helping me with. She returned the manuscript to me weeks ago but I was avoiding it because I hated that story last time I looked at it. Turns out having to organize a talk is even more daunting and unpleasant so I opened the document at long last. All this means that the universal truth still holds: If you have a job you loathe, line yourself for an even more dreaded task. That first job wil

Fifty Authors from Fifty States: hey, look come talk to me.

Fifty Authors from Fifty States: Kate Rothwell and Alter Ego Summer Devon—Neither Can Imagine Living Anywhere But Connecticut Actually I can imagine living elsewhere (Or maybe I should say we can?) but I hear Hawaii is too expensive and I don't think Denmark will let us settle there and London is like New York--if you don't have a lot of money, it just isn't as much fun. I did love Boston, back in the day. Anyway. Annette is a Writer Hero for doing this for other authors and the project turns out to be more fun than a lot of regular travelogue articles.   GO COMMENT. Win a book!

A New Cover!

NEW COVER!! This is a book that used to be by Summer Devon; and old title was The Mad Baron (I seem to change just a word or two of those old titles.) Why did I do this? I got the rights back from the publisher and I couldn't use the old cover, which I liked a lot (the hero matched perfectly). Bonus for me: the new cover is something like the cover for Powder of Sin. Angie Waters is good at making them similar. old cover I'm making the non-paranormal m/f historical titles by Kate rather than Summer. We are talking branding, people; I am so twentieth century. Look for Her Mad Baron sometime in the next day or two at Amazon. It's going to be a Amazon Select book because it's been a while since I tried one of those, so why not?  * * * * *  --And since today is apparently marketing day here at Kate's blog-- Every now and then, I do a list of all the books I've written. I just complied a list for the back of the new version of Mad Baron. Man