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A Summer Devon cover for a book coming soon!

Me: Lookit! Ha! This is my book's cover! Yay! Husband: What's a bander? Me: See that animal at the bottom? That's a bander, based on a frumious bandersnatch. Husband: Oh. I thought it might be a book about a guy who bands birds. Me: No. Husband: you know. a guy who clamps a little ring around a bird's leg? Me: Not that kind of bander. Husband: A wild bird bander who needs to be tamed and-- Me: No.

Wow, would you look at that weather!

now that I have the promo out of the way ( oh, my precious, precious pull quote! ) I can get started rereading romances with storms in them. I'm going to write an article about 'em. I grabbed a stack of books off the shelf--real books and not just the ones on my kindle so now my room is a mess--and it's amazing how many books do have storms that 1. make the h/h lose their way 2. force the h/h to hole up together for a day or a season. 3. cover footprints with snow and make the h/h or villain lose the scent (usually literal scent. I seem to have accumulated a fair number of paranormals) Stuff falling out of clouds is the best deus ex machina ever because it's hardly an unbelievable chariot driving out of the sky. Weather, a writer's best plotty friend.

older book, new review

"Readers are sure to love this impressive latest offering from Dee and Devon." That sentence alone is worth a celebratory cup of coffee. From Romantic times: Four Stars!  THE PSYCHIC AND THE SLEUTH by Bonnie Dee, Summer Devon Genre: Paranormal/Urban Fantasy, Psychic, Paranormal Romance Sensuality: SCORCHER RT Rating Readers are sure to love this impressive latest offering from Dee and Devon. In Victorian England, loving another man is more scandalous than being a murderer , so Robert has always kept his proclivities a deep secret. But the gently disarming Oliver is an enticement he can’t resist. A deep mystery, a family scandal and a passion that can’t be denied, painted with lyrical language, all elevate this novel a step above the usual. Inspector Robert Court was never happy with the execution of the rag-and-bones man who was charged with murdering his cousin. Something wasn’t right, but his superiors wouldn’t let him pursue it. Instead,

words words words

When I was 13, I was targeted by a physical bully. I don’t recall how long he went after me, more than a week, less than a month, probably. I vividly remember several run-ins. The guy would grab my hair and hold on. I’d have to bend sideways until he let go. he forced me to walk around the classroom like that. That was mortifying. He’d twist my arm. He’d dig his nails into my skin and leave a mark. He rammed me into a doorframe and once pushed me onto the floor. When I tried to get up, he pushed me back down again. I complained to the teacher and to my parents, and they said yes, he should stop, but they pointed out that I should be complimented. Boys got rough when they liked girls. In a few years, my father said, the guy would figure out how to deal with his attraction better. That particular kid had had some trauma in his life—his father had died suddenly and violently. Maybe that was why there weren’t consequences to his actions--at least none I saw. I think some adult

I'm doing the blogging against bullying

I don't believe that changing my facebook status for an hour will help solve any of the world's problems, and I know for sure that my blog won't either. But I don't discount the power of words en masse. Anyone who visits the internet knows it can be a vicious place. You're here; you know. People can be scary, especially when they're filled with that burning venom, especially when a group does a piles-on with that gleeful hatred. So maybe a group of people who've piled on for the opposite reason--to create a soothing blanket--can put out the fires, at least on occasion. Enough with the bad metaphors.   Go to Mandy's place if you want to learn more.   I'm coming back on the 19th with a couple of my bullying experiences. Heck, we've all lived through them. I expect even (or perhaps especially?) bullies have too. Defining the action can help stop the next incident. Talking about it helps to heal the past. Tell me about yours.

Paper! Back! and a give-away

I found a box of books from Samhain on my front porch--it's the same book, over and over, Unnatural Calamities.  I read everything on my Kindle these days. I don't make any money from print books. Given a choice, I'd rather not have my books go into print. And yet...and yet. It's still cool to hold a real book. I'm not over my print addiction.  This one even has a nice cover. (I was mostly embarrassed when Irrational Arousal showed up on my porch). The back cover is nice too. It's red on white. Yum. I'm fond of this book--this is the story that has every romance trope I could imagine in it-- so I'll keep at least one copy for me. Linda picked one up, flipped it open and said, "hey, look a typo." It was a "joke" ha ha ha. We both agreed that we never ever look in books because we do not want to see those things. No, no. I brought it into work (Barnes and Noble--we sit in the cafe and type, so I'm not talking real work). I

messing around

The ads on the side of my pages are getting more and more specific. I do a search on back pain (ow. yes, it's getting better, but ow.) and suddenly I see all these back stores advertised for days and days afterwards. I'm doing an experiment to see if the same thing will happen with buzz words in this blog. Dog training wine tasting pillow bedding black skirt tools, screwdriver junk removal jello desserts accidental death nylon rope Corpse removal, coffins, casket