We go to Avatar along with everyone else in Hartford

a very crowded theater. And what's with the huge slug of upcoming 3D movies? Yeesh.
After the movie. Not exactly with spoilers, but still, nearly:

Boy1: They were right. It was just like Ferngully and Dances with Wolves.
Boy 2 and 3: And Rambo.
Boy1: Rambo? It was nothing like Rambo. What a stupid thing to say. Nothing like it. I bet you haven't even seen Rambo.
Me: What I didn't like--
Boy2: Was too. Just like Rambo, stupid head
Boy3: And Star Wars. It had that Star Wars thing.
Me: What I didn't like--
Boy1: Star Wars? What? No way. And you're stupid. Rambo? No. Way. Smurfs though.
Boy3: Smurfs???
Boy1: They were blue.
Boy 2 and 3: Yeah. Definitely. Smurfs.
Boy1: But no way Rambo or Star Wars.
Boy 2: There's the hero epic journey thing.
Me: What I didn't like--
Boy 1: And I don't see how you can say it was like Rambo. He was acting on his own.
Me: But that's just it. That's what I didn't like--
Boy 2: Rambo! You're stupid!
Boy 1: (in a patronizing voice that has to be heard to be believed) No, go ahead, Mom. What were you going to say.
Me: You're not going to interrupt?
Boy 1: (still patronizing) No. You go ahead. Go on, really.
Me: starts long diatribe about movies that depict violence against women and use said violence as form of audience titillation. That movie had the same titillation thing with war and battle scenes.
Boy 2: Titillation. Tit. Heheheheh
Me: The point is, the ex-jarhead character is supposed to move away from mindless violence and the climax is straight to that whole booyah rooting for the fight. The standard scene in the movie that--
Boy 2: It wasn't mindless violence. It was justified.
Me: It was just standard movie ending stuff.
Boy 1 and 2: It's supposed to be standard movie! but done well! it's James Cameron, what do you expect from him?
Me: It could have had a more clever solution.
Boy 1 and 2: They TRIED the more clever solution. It didn't work. Maybe you would have liked it better if the whole planet just died? like Titanic.
Me: Titanic 2.
Them: Deeper! Deader! Colder!
Boy 2: I'll tell you one thing that was stupid. What was with the horse army? That was the stupidest solution ever. Dumbest plan.
Me: The mom had to come to the rescue. Notice that? The mother earth had to rescue--
Boy1: The flying pilot fighters were good though.

etc etc etc.

Did we like it? Yup. Though I do not recommend the 3D version to anyone with a fear of heights. Vertigo city.

Mike: You left me out. I said something too.
me: You did?
Mike: Sure. I had something to say.
me: What? I can't remember.
Mike: Neither can I. I'm sure I was supporting you though.


  1. Duh! It's Pocahontas: Revenge of the Natives. I loved it, "unobtainium" and all (though I decided that was definitely a "cheesy element" of the movie).

  2. Ergh.... The movie's environment haunted me long after the movie ended. But why couldn't the story/characters/writing/whatever be more interesting and in tune with all the work was obviously put into environment!

    Also, I don't think the writers or whoever even understand the nature-loving-attitudes they are trying to rip off from other stories -- "Go be in tune with nature! Yeah, you go show that flying dragon thing who's boss!"

  3. I've been wondering whether to bother. From everything I heard, it's visually stunning but the plot leaves much to be desired. And I do get motion sick very easy. We sat too close during the first Pirates movie and I had to stop watching partway through because I got nauseous. I think I'll wait on this. What I do want to see though, despite some marginal reviews, is the Sherlock Holmes movie. I've always been a Downey Jr. fan and Jude Law, too. Think it looks fun and I love the Victorian time period.

    (speaking of--I finished the steampunk story so I'm ready to tackle our spy project starting tomorrow)

  4. I actually liked the movie a lot. That might be in part because I don't watch a lot of movies.

    There were a lot of seen-that stuff like the whole mother earth thing and then big battle that made me roll my eyes, but I liked the main character okay, and Sigourney Weaver's always fun.

    It's just that the idea of using avatars to communicate with the natives is cool and it could have been an absolutely amazing movie, instead of a pretty entertaining one.

    I'm glad I saw it.

    Bonnie! you finished the whole novel? I'm impressed and I wanna read it.

    Now I have to go be Motherly.

  5. and yeah, Aya, I thought the dragon/rider thing would be more like a partnership instead of rider in control, but eh. Biped humanoids get to set the agenda again.

  6. Oooh, you have given me even more reasons to avoid Dances With Smurfs. But I do want to see Sherlock Downey Jr.


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