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Two bags of Costco candy and we're set for tonight, I hope. It's fairly trick-or-treat intensive around here. Back when my kids were younger, I used to make them stick their hands into pumpkins to pull out the seeds. They were going to need something to tell their therapists and that seemed like an easy place to start. The moosh! the cold! Argh! PROMO time: Two books are out! Both Bonnie and Kate books. But first -- this book is cheap for one week. Only 99 cents! And free if you're a Kindle Unlimited person. Go on, you know you love reading about old New York and slightly corrupt cops and strong heroines. And if you don't know that, then find this truth about yourself by spending less than a dollar and getting a fun fluffy Kate Rothwell read. I'll just wait while you buy that before springing the rest of my treats on you. Are you back yet?  Here, quick and easy, links to a couple of Summer Devon/Bonnie Dee titles Did you get the book that came out las