Colder weather means the dog can join me on errands again. Going for car-rides = highlight of her pathetic life.

But what is with the overprotective world these days? Or maybe I mean kinda dumb world.


Today's well-meaning person: You shouldn't leave your dog in the car.
Me: Yeah, I don't in the summer, but it's not hot any more. She won't suffocate.
TWMP: Someone might steal her.

...I don't point out that this is an 80 lb rottweiler shepherd mix, not a toddler.


Another person at trader joes: You shouldn't leave your dog in the car. He barked at me.
Me: I'm sorry. She's usually pretty good about not barking at people walking past. (I get the person's point--bugs me when a dog startles the hell out of me with random barking when I'm just walking past)
APATJ: I was just trying to say hello.
Me: Did you put your hand in the window? (I leave it open a half inch sometimes)
APATJ: I knocked on the glass.


Person at Best Buy: You shouldn't leave your dog in the car. What if she gets out?
Me: The only way that would happen is if someone let her out and I lock the doors. (I did that day, anyway)
PABB: She could stand on the lock thing, open it.

She could also maybe put the car in neutral, let down the parking brake and maybe the car could drift into the car behind. But....

I think I blame the lawyers and insurance types for the lurid accident-prone imagination of the general public these days.

The dog is the best car companion, ever. She doesn't whine, she doesn't pace and she doesn't even poke her head out the window as we drive (which is sort of a pity, actually. I know it's bad for their ears, but I love the sight of dogs enjoying a good wind on car rides. That's one of the naturally joyful moments in life) . She just sits and steams up one of the back windows. If I say "look! A squirrel!" she'll look out the window. Otherwise she sits and stares into space. I don't get why she likes the trip so much. But if I pick up my car keys, she goes nuts. She'd rather go for a car ride than eat, which is saying something.


  1. You live in a town with stupid people.

    But you have a smart dog.

  2. she's no rocket scientist but she's pretty freaking cute and the world's best companion.

  3. Ohmigod, people are so insane. We have a dog who (like yours) would rather go on a car trip than just about anything else. We took her with us to the opera (Met HD relay at the local -- which is to say 40 miles away -- multiplex). Tales of Hoffman: good because it has two intermissions.

    So although it was cold (mid-40s?) in NE Pennsylvania, the car was warm when we parked, and twice the DH came out and both walked the dog and drove her around to warm up the car.

    Nonetheless we got the Note Under Windshield Wiper! Basically, what assholes we were and how we shouldn't have a merry Christmas because we were assholes. Barely literate; you know the type.

    Now, here's what I don't get: Yes, it was cold, but it wasn't below freezing, and anyway the windows were up and the dog had a blanket, etc. Don't these people realize that there are dogs who are made to live outside ALL THE TIME? Where are these profane do-gooders then? Do they volunteer at the local animal shelter? Contribute to the ASPCA?

    It's the worst sort of hypocrisy. Because they can write a scathing note, they are entitled to write a scathing note. They feel morally superior while not actually caring about my (or anyone's) dog's welfare.

    Assholes indeed.

    (Sorry. Sore point for me.)

    My dog's a Rhodesian Ridgeback/American Staffordshire Terrier mix. Very pretty dog. Mimi, like in La Boheme. And she would be heartsick if she didn't get to come too.


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