I'm tired of long descriptive passages. Maybe it's time for something written by Hemingway. Only I don't think I want one of his stories...sure, all that spare prose fits those narratives about Being a Man, but how about a mystery? That might work.

Maybe a Wodehouse mystery too. "I say Tuppy, topping weather. Is that a corpse sprawled on the old chaise lounge?"

If I can't have new material, I'll take a retelling of old stuff.

At dinner we were explaining O. Henry stories to the sprats and they said, "hey! Now I get that episode of Futurama."

The boys attempted to describe the episode in which two characters get hair cuts so they can buy combs and the third shows up with a new wig (their hair) and a lotta combs.....or something. You had to be there and I wasn't. But the gist! The gist!

Hey Shakespeare did that retelling schtick and nobody whines about him, much. And some stories just keep popping up like reanimated corpses and no one complains. Maybe if we get creative, we can attempt a retelling of A Christmas Carol by Oliver Stone. Or Pride and Prejudice by Hitchcock. Add a little tension in there.

This rematching thing is all the rage for those stupid high concept one liners, right? Or are they passe? Should be by now.


  1. Are the ghosts of Christmas conspirators in the Oliver Stone version of A Christmas Carol? No, wait, instead, I bet instead Tiny Tim was a CIA/MI-5 plant!


    Hey, email me your address, and I'll send you a copy of Ava Gray's Skin Game. I ended up sending eeyore a new copy via Amazon, so the copy I preordered and forgot to cancel is still sitting on my kitchen table. It's yours if you want it.


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