advice to self after a SBTB DNF review

1. go find chocolate
2. reread my previous advice, and gaze upon the happy hippos (mostly because it's a cool picture)
3. think of the bunnies.
4. hope there are lots of comments, because it's good to get a lot of comments
5. for fuck's sake do NOT go read the comments.
6. get to work.
7. or stack firewood.
8. chocolate
9. bunnies.
10 reread this nice review of the same book a few times.
11, remind myself that just because SBTB is an incredibly popular site, and I happen to lurve Ms. Sarah. ..umm....just because. Wait, how is this number 11 going to help again?

it helps that if I'm clever or creative enough I might get some real work.

It also helps that I don't agree with a lot of what she wrote--the very worst reviews, the ones that stick around like a bad crabcake, are the negative ones that make you go Oh. Shit. She's right.

* * *

on an unrelated topic, those ads from Cancer Centers of America give me the willies. I think it's the whole Marriotization of cancer treatment. Ergh.

Also the ads against taxing soda.


  1. Anonymous2:56 PM

    If it's any comfort, although I enjoy the SBTB site, I by no means always share their tastes and would never ely solely on their recommendations. -- willaful

  2. thanks willaful!

    I appreciate it. I just wish that they didn't show up on every feed in the world. I keep getting alerts about this review.

  3. And I'd turn off the alerts but that's how I find out about pirated copies.


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