The big question: When do I get my first paycheck?

Somewhere online someone is acting like an expert and, because of luck and timing, that person will be right. His/her spouting off will be accurate---this time.

How can we know the difference between this coin-flipping clever person and a real expert? (definition of real expert someone who has read articles longer than twitter entries and maybe has been around for a while. And knows the details and isn't just guessing based on sensations emanating from his/her butt. A degree might be in there as well--> his past, not his butt.)

So, what's the answer? How do we know?

No clue. I don't know the difference and neither does anyone else unless they bother with the research which is tedious and requires some expertise. The world is full of poseurs and it's interesting to discover how easy it is to pull off a convincing act as an authority even in the age of google.

I'm thinking of adopting the correct confident attitude and trying for a schtick as an expert myself. First I'll need a slicker website and a terrifying ability to snark doubters.


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