a winner, and not just because she cared

Snarky Cindy used lemur, lemur poop and lemur fingers. What can I say? She took boy one's direction "use the lemur" to heart and we like that.

Quite frankly, there is Lemur poop in the world that is more interesting than this dreck you call a novel. Luckily for you the newly discovered mouse Lemur has freaky ET fingers or he'd type an 'Ode to Lemur Poop' that would hit the best-seller list, be optioned for a film and win a score of Academy awards and thus, end your miserable career as a ... what again?


Cindy! The image is yours. Unfortunately I still can't seem to load photos so you'll have to go into the past to save your lemuriffic snark button.

updated later and . . . HEY, it WORKED. Never mind going back in history, Cindy!


  1. YAY FOR CINDY!!!!!

    *happy dance*

    So glad the lemur has a Cindylicious home. He'll be very happy with her.

    ...running off to go tell cindy she won.

  2. Woohoo!!! I won a Lemur, I won a Lemur!!

    I've saved my button and the minute blogger lets me post a picture it will be promptly displayed.

    Yeah, I figured with three lemur reference, I might be a shoe in ;) either that, or overkill.

    And this is SSSSOOOOOOO much better than some SB title. I'm just saying ;) I noticed they didn't do that thing they do on Fridays and once again, I was up! Normally I'm snoozing. *shrug*

    Thanks Kate for the fun and the Button!


  3. Congrats Cindy!

    "freaky ET fingers" LMAO!


  4. Anonymous2:23 PM

    Hey Kate,
    Yes Patrick Duffy/supermodel is all me...what sbtb contest???


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