cheryl b's baby, I mean (see comments in post below). You too will turn into overcooked noodles looking at him. Good God. I want to hold a little meatloaf newborn again. I want to hear the tiny squeaky settling in noises. He's so, so . . . sigh.

I swear the hormone rush from looking at photos of cute babies is far stronger than the ones produced by photos of the washboard ab grown up cuties. Well, okay that's often true, anyway.

So why haven't scientists hooked up women's brains and done experiments about this kind of thing? Shots of naked men vs. naked babies. I bet they'll see a lot more bright lights going off in the brain receptors when a baby or toddler flashes across the screen. I'm talking strictly visual stimulus. Give me a description of holding a man or holding a baby and chances are I'll be way more interested in the former. Depends on the writer, of course.

Okay. You can't have Cheryl's Sirius--you have to go make or adopt one of your own. But you still can get a button. The contest is closing Friday. Why Friday? That's when SBTB's have their contest, of course.


  1. Actually, the strongest combination is naked men and babies together. Gets me every time, and I'm not even a baby person.

    A while back, I saw an ad in a magazine showing an attractive bare-chested man holding a baby. I kept staring at the photo and only after a couple of minutes did I actually check what the ad was for. Turned out it was the watch they man was wearing. A named man and a baby and they expect us to pay attention to watches?

  2. Thank you! I can't take any credit though, he looks exactly like Mark (so does Xavier). The pictures of Mark and newborn Xavier snuggled up all naked are the ones that kill me. My camera decided to break on the 5th and I'm getting hives waiting for my new one to get here.

  3. Cheryl - your boy is beautiful! And yeah, holding a baby is sooooo *sigh* Bob and I can't have kids so I hog newborns whenever I get near them. Then they poo and I hand them back to mom and dad ;)

    Did Suisan and I get lots of competition!? I hope so!



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