Two Contests (One is REALLY good)

PMS, too much testosterone, whatever your excuse. You have some wicked snarling response deep inside you. Don't let it out unless you have an audience.

Let that reader or writer know just what you feel. One or two long sentences that can go along the lines of "You wouldn't know a good book if_______"
or "You have all the sensibilities of ____________"
Snark welcome. Sincere insults, not so much.

The best one gets a lemur also-ran biggest bitch title button as soon as I figure out how to make a good one. Anyone out there like making buttons?

The deadline is sometime next week. I'll let you know when. If no one enters I'll keep the lemur and post him every day until I drive you all off or someone finally posts a good bitchetty shut up Kate post that'll qualify as a winner.

* * * *

A lot of writers have big hyped contests for "win autographed cover flats!" or "win these bathsalts I got for Christmas and am allergic to!"**

When Jes Trapp devises a contest, she does not mess around. Here's a contest that will allow you to WIN FIVE HUNDRED DOLLARS (half for you, half for your favorite library or school).

Here's what she has to say about it (lifted from the RU blog)

An event I dreamed up as a way for romance readers to connect with each other and push themselves to read more. Those who qualify will be entered to win a $250 gift certificate to the bookstore of their choice along with a matching donation to a school or library they choose.

Participates sign up here: A message board allows readers to keep track of the romance books they have read, and they can also make comments on what they liked about the books.

Go on. Sign up you lazy people! GO!


**when I had my "Pamper Yourself" contest a gazillion years ago, I gave away brand new bought just for the contest products. Okay? So you know I'm just, er, pretending about this part.


  1. Are we entering comments? Or via email?

    Because it's this sort of irresponsibly vague direction, especially when authors ought to know better, which makes readers just lose their hold on sanity and begin the snarking.


    (That was a joke, albeit not a very good one.)


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