Jan R Butler in RWR

I imagine the shit'll hit the fan soon. Got to admire a woman who's not scared to stand up for what she believes in (even if she does call me a shrill minority**, a member of a fringe group and can't tell the mind-boggling difference between pedophilia and homosexuality).

RWA can--indeed, must--do better than ignore the issue. As romance writers, we ought to combat unreasonable assaults on love. We've taken stands on racially mixed marriages. We should be speaking out again about any consenting, loving adult relationship. Demonizing a group of people because they have meaningful or even sexual relationships with the same sex? Romance writers know better. How many romances are have been written about love conquering the rules of society?

Butler says Enough is Enough, and I have to agree. We can no longer allow legitimate love to be seen as shameful or we're culpable in its repression and that's a venial sin for a romance writer. We're absolutely the wrong group to be undermining any sort of true love.

I have a strong urge to push Ms. Butler down that slippery slope that exists only in paranoid minds. But I think stronger, better writers will do it in a more reasonable manner.


**You know what? I think I share one thing with Ms. Butler: Moral Absolutes really are nice to have and to hold. No wonder so many right wing people are happy. I did the live and let live thing for a lot of years. Naw. Now when I see Wrong, I rip off the sweats revealing my silver lame costume with the interlocking letters KRISP across the bosom, pick up the keyboard and become. . . [cue dumda dumda dum dummm! music] Kate the Righteously Indignant Shrill Person. I have absolutely NO doubt about the fact that I'm right, er, correct in this issue.

Ack! I can't stop picking at this letter! I need a life! I need someone else's life! Jackie? I"ll take yours, even with the dogs.

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