An Attack Ad

I can't decide if Ned Lamont's latest ad is a good or bad idea. I like it, but I like Lamont (and I like silly things). I bet he's going to get majorly sick of remarks about his coffee.

It's true that all the mailers I get from Lieberman (and I get lots) don't really have to do with issues I particularly give a damn about. Lamont is a millionaire! He's not One of Us! seems to be the biggest theme.

What do you think of the ad?


  1. I think the ad is funny and effective. I don't think anyone will get confused by this, and if anything, it may successfully defuse Lieb's attack ads. Good for Lamont -- using humor instead of malice.

  2. I dunno - when I hear about the Lieberman ads about "not one of us" I think, "well, I'm a democrat, you're not one of us either Joe" But then I'm just bitchy that way.


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