boy two comes through

Boy two knows his adobe photoshop. We're impressed, aren't we?

Not particularly, says Boy one.

UPDATED: Now we can read it.

And the contest is ON because Suisan already entered (see previous post's comment). A fine entry too.

1. Email me (address at the top right corner) your entry. Try to make them pg-13 ish because boy 2 is now invested in this contest and will be reading the entries. He points out that the middle school bus language isn't close to pg-13. Okay, fine, bad words are okay. Too many references to sex make him act like a goober.

2. Best to make it a general sort of snark rather than directed at a specific person. On the other hand, another silly snark war would bring me traffic. Okay, but make it a famous writer so when she comes to defend herself I can get all excited that she came to MY blog.

3. Boy 1 suggests that you must use the word Lemur in your entry. I say you get extra points maybe.

More rules as I think of them. Maybe I'll try to coerce the Real Bitches (Candy and/or Sarah. Or Bam) to be judges. Or maybe Monica.


  1. Okay, I'll enter. I even have something to snark about.


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