blogger's being a pain in the tuchus

I think my Thursday 13 might have to be a Friday 13.

Friday already!?

The passionate ink chapter will hold its award ceremony tomorrow and I'm up for an award. I'm not getting it--I'm fairly sure they would have contacted me if I were. But still, it's something to think about from afar, a small connection to ATL. I like that.

When I was a finalist in the RT awards, I knew long before the actual ceremony that I hadn't won. They'd contacted the winner weeks before the conference. Too bad, because that was the only way I could justify going to RT that year. Didn't happen.

Right. Back to trying to post photos for Thursday 13.

If you're not busy at 9 eastern time tonight, stop by I'll be there for a chat. It's not Featuring Me (it's not featuring anyone in particular) but I think I get to give away a book.


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