Bill Clinton called us today

and so did Dan Malloy and Bridget someone. Those were the robo-calls. The boys picked them up because I refuse to answer the phone now. We got three live humans, too. Them we could say "already voted. bye," and hang up. (We did too. Absentee. We might be here on the eighth after all, but a month ago we thought we wouldn't be.)

I WANT THE CONNECTICUT PRIMARY OVER. This is a goddamn PRIMARY--five times they called us today. I've never felt so hunted. Did I mention I don't answer the phone any more?

Yes, today is Kate Gets All Steamed Up Day ... I'm still rankled about my 45 minute wait for my luncheon companions. Boy, did I get steamed when those biddies didn't show up! I left a stiffish sort of note with the hostess for them that said call me, please.

I went out to my car, drove ten feet and realized. . . oh shit.

The restaurant I thought was the Olive Garden was, in fact, a restaurant that looks exactly like the Olive Garden but is something else and is right next DOOR to the Olive Garden. Oh. Ah. No wonder why that place had decent music on the loudspeakers.

The upside to this is that in the past I have warned these people not to give me too much responsibility (this is the CORW group. I'm on the board because I raised my hand at the wrong moment) and in good writer's fashion I didn't just tell them the reason why, I showed them as well.

Another consolation. The restaurant(s) are located in a town miles and miles away. I'm never going there again. Ever.


  1. But you did arrive and that's what matters. You are well worth the wait, anytime.

  2. This reminds me of the time I was supposed to pick up Mr Important Customer from Finland at his hotel. Mr Important Customer said he was staying at the Best Western opposite the central station. I arrive at the hotel, but there is no sign of Mr Important Customer in the lobby. So I settle down to wait, until a friendly receptionist asks me if she can help. "I'm supposed to meet Mr Important Customer from Finland", I say and ask her, if she could call him at his room. She checks the register and says, "Sorry, but there is no Mr Important Customer staying here." Me: "But he must be staying here. He explicitly said he was staying at the Best Western opposite the station." She: "Perhaps he's staying at the other Best Western."

    Turned out that there was another hotel nearby (though not opposite the station) that had recently been acquired by the Best Western chain, where Mr Important Customer was already impatiently waiting for me.

  3. Don't you just love when life throws your crap right back at you. Nothing like getting good and huffy only to discover, it was your own fault.


    Those moments are precious.



  4. Lucky for me I didn't offend a client and the ladies were pretty forgiving (see Anna's note)

    I had a hysterical laughing fit when I joined them and it lasted for most of the rest of the meeting. No wonder the meeting took so long.


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