It's missing RWA

Not those lil steroids that have pushed me over the edge.

But LOOK! It's Abby Godwin to the rescue. What fine plans she offers us Left Behinds. And the next time a moan goes out over one of my various loops [Oooo! There's too many interesting fun things to doooo! I don't know which dinner I should attend! I am sooo looking forward to seeing everyone] I'll break open the bank and spend the money I saved for Nationals on a drunken spree. Good thing I'm an easy drunk.

I think I'll start spreading rumors** about the RITA/GH ceremony before the event and look even more prescient than PBW.

Here we go:
The big show will feature a Gone With The Wind theme. People will be offended.


**Based on no knowledge other than the location and the fact that people tend to be offended. But no matter what horrors the Big Show presents, it will be hard to beat last year. Woowee! And no, I wasn't there, either.


  1. Kate wrote: I think I'll start spreading rumors** about the RITA/GH ceremony before the event and look even more prescient than PBW.

    I'd tie it in with the con theme: "A New Chapter Begins." All girlfriends again, past forgotten, bridges mended, nasty graphical standards swept under the BOD rug, you know, the same old B.S. RWA has every year after someone screws up big time. My crystal publishing 8-ball is never wrong. :)


  2. Anonymous9:05 AM

    I'm so glad others are being left behind besides myself. And I too am getting tired of reading all the posts winging back and forth about The Great Event. I think it's jealousy raising it's ugly head. At least it is in my case :-(

  3. I'm curious: how many male romance authors show up for this convention? I'm already having fantasies of being the only guy there (some day), getting fussed over (heh heh) by hundreds of romance authors. Now you know my motivation.

  4. Not many show up and yes, you'd get fussed over. A lot.

  5. I've been a few times. The first time I didn't know enough to know what I didn't know. The second time, I learned a lot. The third time, I knew it all and wanted to just hang out at the bar.

    (There was another time in there (New Orleans) but I left early due to a family emergency, so I'm not counting it.) Anyway, you're not missing anything except some good drinks at the bar.

  6. I've been a few times too and the truth is, I'd just play the whole time. Last time I think I went to four talks total.

    I can't justify the cost if I'm not going to be Enriching My Career and chances are, I wouldn't be doing My Career (or my liver) any favors.


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