Oh. Hey, look at that.

Right there on the Coming Soon Page at Ellora's Cave -- Invisible Touch.

Wow. I have a fan to thank for letting me know. Um, ya might want to put something up at your website, oh clueless author? Janean said, only in a more polite fashion.

She's right. I'm off to mess with the Summer website again, a touch-and-go situation (because I forget how to play with the various softwares and must relearn each time I update.) and pray that the excerpt and blurb will be okay.

Update: It's up. The font is wrong, the left margin is screwed up and I gave up on posting an excerpt . . . but, by god, it's up. Now I have to send a whimpering email to Bec the Webpage Wonder so she can save me from myself.

Another update: an editor confirmed that the release date is a week from today, July 19.


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