Tonight at 8-9

Right now I'm squabbling with Boy 3 who is Entirely. Unable. To. Entertain. Himself. Ever. Ever. Ever. Gahhh.

will you play a game? no

will you go down the street and watch me in the vacationing neighbor's cute little pool again? [note: we have permission] maybe later when the sun isn't as strong.

can you think of anything for me to do?
other than the legos, reading, or thousands of other suggestions I've already made, I'd say clean your room.

can you think of anything else for me to do?
bug your father.

will you do a puzzle with me?
no, but I'll be glad to get one down for you.

. . . . etc.

Could be worse of course. At least my boys are done with this stage of life (photo sent via email by Leigh and several other people. No idea who the kids are. Or rather, were. As the email said, "A child's last day on earth".)

At 8 tonight I'll be squabbling with yahoo at samhaincafe. It's email, not chat.

I'll give away a Summer Devon uploady sort of a book. She doesn't have anything in print yet, unless you count the plain 8.5 x 11 paper flimsy spiral bound ARC of Learning Charity. You can have that if you want, even if you don't show up at the chat. Email me about it.


  1. I can't believe that picture! All the same, I thinking someone forgot they had kids for more than a few minutes. I mean, that takes some time!


  2. Kate:

    Your boy #3 sounds like my boy #1. He is really tired of my saying 'so what are you going to do about it?' when he announces he's bored.

    Legos, Imaginext, books, drawing, K'Nex, Pokemon, Hot Wheels--nothing but computer and video games pique his interest. Which I am not willing to have him on ten hours a day.


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