Thursday 13 pictures from around the place featuring BLURRY FLOWERS!

Okay tell me what numbers 1, 2, 3,4 are and win something. Not sure what, but identify the plant and be a Winner!

1 It's a rotten picture, but it's some kind of scraggly bush that has tiny pink flowers. None on it just now.

2.They're purple and pretty. Only a couple of inches high. What are they?

3. I grew these purply-blue and yellow guys from seed. I have no idea what they are because we lost the packet. I know they're annuals.

4. Yellow flowers! Volunteers!

5. Another blurry flower! Purple!

6. Crystal Palace I grew from seed.

7. Bet you didn't know Hosta could be killed. I was surprised.

Hmmm Pictures 8-13 aren't posting. but just squint at these photos and you'll get a fair approximation of what they look like. Add dogs and you'll get the picture--and you'll know why the hosta died.


  1. Well, if I squint the right way, no 2 looks like heartsease, aka Johnny Jumpups.

  2. I thought #2 were violets...

  3. there is one violet (johnny jumpups we call them) but the rest aren't shaped like violets. They're more tubular if you see what I mean. Sort of a combination of violet and snapdragon.

    I'll have to get better pictures.

  4. Flowers I can name:
    Morning glory,
    African Violet,
    aw . . . I suck.

  5. *scratches head* I thought those were violets too...

  6. Okay, I had to look at the second picture twice so now I can see what you mean.

    I would suggest a Campanula of some sort. Went to Google images and found one that has the soft edge - campanula alpestris but the yellow dot in the centre of yours suggests it's not a pure breed. Hmmm, I feel like I have seen these before but I can't place them. Should ask my dad.

    What did you do to that Hosta!! Course, I have dogs so what am I thinking ;)


  7. At first glance, I thought the yellow flowers were what we call "Hahnenfuss", but the leaves are all wrong.

  8. The yellow guys are indeed some sort of primrose (not evening say the experts because they're open all day)


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