five hundred AND release day

Today's release day!

Yippee! Come on down, Summer, ya hussy.

Later on today Summer's new novella will be up on that main page link.

Invisible Touch is light for sure and I just noticed it was called "romantic comedy" over at ellora's chat. Heh. Funny part is I wasn't writing to be consciously funny.

Here's something else big happening at the moment: this is entry number Five Hundred for the blog. Seems this somehow Important though I have no idea why.

I planned on being helpful somehow, but instead I'll do you a real favor and show you where the actual helpful people are.

Do you want to know Summer's Secrets of Success? Not to mention Kate Rothwell's Secrets? The reason for Kate and Summer's amazing writing career? The career that is skyrocketing into ummmm. . . something that's not much like a skyrocket but not as dead as our old Camry?

I shall reveal all.

But that's later on because first I must feed the kids and get rid of them and get my new batch of kids (I'm babysitting for a pal today. No refugees this month and, man, I miss the ladies!)


  1. Happy release day, Miss Kate. What I'd like to know is, who are Sunny and Tanya, and what on earth does Summer want to do with them again?


  2. Happy day, Kate!

    Hey, was that a teaser, then? All those promises of secrets revealed? Humph. I need some extra special secrets of guaranteed success.

    Or guaranteed methods of entertaining bored children during the summer.

    Got any of those?

  3. good golly. . .you bought it? uh oh.

    Sunny = Lyn Cash, the person who made me write it. ("We will write this Shrink Wrapped series. No back-chat, woman")

    Tanya = Kris Starr, the other person Lyn . . .persuaded. ("No excuses, KS. Git to work on it.")

    KS's is next in line.

  4. I'm not THAT bossy! (am I???)

    Congratulations, Summer!!!!!!! I loved this book, this series, working with the two of you.

  5. *whistles innocently, while avoiding Lyn's gaze*


    No, you're not, dear.

    And I'll add my congratulations, too, Summer/Kate! This was way more fun than I ever even imagined it could possibly be!!

    (Hey... your blog doesn't allow me to comment as my Wordpress me... Humph...) :D
    We're definitely doing it again. *insert evil grin here*

  6. Hey Kate, I took a photo of your book at my local Borders book store yesterday, and I was going to post it on my blog, but the effing usb cable wont work.

    The book was Somebody Wonderful, by the way, and I'll try my best to get it uploaded.


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